The Saga of the Eyebrow

Hi, girls! The post today is one of those very personal which I know you love reading here at Fashion Frisson because I speak more about me and everything. Actually I came here to tell a “mini tragedy” that happened to me these days and I’m sure many have been through this-I was in the lounge and ruined my eyebrows!

When I say “screwed up” I’m not doing drama because I’ve always been well marked and naturally arched eyebrows, has also always been big, you know? Thick with many not by, but great–this format that today is super trendy, but in fact mine always was like that!

Never used thin eyebrows, because they don’t go well with my face, like this most striking trait and I always got compliments for this—you know when is your pride?! Well, the girl that I used to do changed Hall, to another of the same network that has in Santos, but in St. Vincent, a little further to make the eyebrows, then the owner of the Salon referred me to another lady who was in her place.

I was afraid, but I trusted because I hang out at the lounge for more than three years (If you have curious gives a search here on the blog!) and never had problems with any service. You know when you are blindfolded and “feel” that you have something wrong? It was so… when I opened my eyes I was with one eyebrow up, another down, a furrowed, the other a round ended thin and the other almost square! Besides, the baby still cut the hair from the inside of the eyebrows, won failures at the beginning, middle and end.

Of course, I called the owner at the time, who said: “Ah, but it’s just an eyebrow. If you want I mark with another girl in St. Vincent, trying to get “-I didn’t think it was a good attitude and that it’s not just one eyebrow, to me at least that work only with the blog, I make pictures, events and videos. In fact, I think every woman cares about eyebrows because there’s no way to hide and they are the frame of the face.

I went to another Salon after a small cry of rage, I confess. The girl until he managed to leave a little better, but I had to decrease the width of the eyebrows and found that the pencil and brush would be my best friends for at least two months. This is the time to start to grow, grow up… I’ve always had problems with the growth of eyebrows, so I do once a month or it takes me even more, believe?

Anyway, the day only got better when I went by Who Said Berenice? Praiamar Shopping and a mega seller attentive heard all my saga, agreed with me that was horrible then took the painting done in the salon to be able to indicate the color of ideal pencil and taught how to outline them every day. A Saint!

I took the pencil for eyebrows in color Chisel that comes with the brush on the lid for the smoke clears and a concealer I’ve ever tested here on the blog! The pencil was my greatest ally, without makeup, but not without correct eyebrows hahaha! Good for now is that… in about two months I’ll be back to tell what happened.

What do you think of my eyebrow saga? Have been through something similar?

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