The Samsung District You Mention Virtual Reality Applied to Employment

At Milan, the new Samsung Samsung District Headquarters, was held an event on virtual reality linked to the business world. Beyond the fun and entertainment of this technology end indeed, there are areas where it can be used. Samsung has tried to address this issue in a practical way by showing practical applications for virtual reality in the world of work, in order to improve our quality of life. Samsung has surrounded by partners by making available its virtual instrument par excellence: the Gear VR.

Augmented reality opens new scenarios and opportunities businesses of all industry, that can rethink and redefine their business propositions, marketing and communication towards their customers, current and potential; It is destined to become a real business platform, trend confirmed by the latest IDC reports that the sector will generate sales to 2 billion in 2016 ” commented Carlo Babs, President of Samsung Electronics Italy and concluded that:

“Samsung is committed to invest in this market of high potential and high added value, the strong partnership with Facebook: our viewers go perfectly with the Oculus, and this makes the experience of Samsung Gear VR, virtual reality experience on mobile, completely revolutionising the viewing experience and entertainment. We go towards a world where everyone has the power to share an experience as if others were there with him physically. The evolution of the market of virtual reality and applications is being fulfilled with products and solutions that redefine the consumer experience in a completely new way. “

Several companies took turns on stage starting from Facebook’s country manager Luca colombo, which showed how the social is fully integrated into the virtual reality theme so you have a constantly connected world and want to share. The question we must answer is what added value we can have bringing virtual reality to Social.

A very timely response is 360 degree video support, increasingly popular since the contents of this type are now much more accessible, because the technologies are accessible to all users.Even Edison chose Samsung to show through the virtual reality as they produce their energy.For example showing through a video 360 hydroelectric power stations with the aim of showing that the technology is safe and efficient. Or even Canales lab has used virtual reality Expo and dealt with teleporting, i.e. to show the characteristics and traditions of the countries using the Gear vr.

The company H-FARM recounted how the use of virtual reality has been able to convey and enhance the thrill of driving, through the creation of three innovative test drive for Peugeot vehicles using the technology of virtual reality, able to give everyone an innovative experience inside the vehicle.

Ikon instead has created Virtours, a platform for the creation and use of immersive content, which uses the power of the cloud to turn virtual reality into an effective business tool in a number of areas, from real estate to tourism, from healthcare to boating, from interior design to publishing.

Finally, MSC Cruises has used virtual reality to tell the ship and cruise trip, allowing customers to view the environments of a ship MSC Cruises, where you can walk freely, discovering the charm of the space available.

Are practically limitless potential and areas of virtual reality and finally maybe we’re close to turning point: this new technology is beginning to be seen in a different perspective and has been applied to the world of work.