The Secret Agency Achieves the Impossible

I present to Virginia Ibáñez, secret agent. There is no secret of fashion, technology, gourmet, or books that can resist: get what you want and with an efficiency that would give jealousy footballer James Bond. Founder of The secret agency, ES personal assistant shopping online and offline, no matter what difficult or exclusive that is the product or service requested.

It is a job that many women dream about but not all doors if you don’t show professionalism: seriousness, efficiency, discretion, resources and contacts. I like the female image of woman pioneer in contrast to the traditional Concierge, male figure getting everything you want.

If it were not so, it would not have 90% of requests carried out successfully. Examples of solved cases speak for themselves:

  • After the premiere of the movie “Sex in New York II”, reached number of requests for the model who wore Sarah Jessica Parker in the film, in particular East brand white dress Halston It is not sold in Spain.
  • Get the swimsuit model looked Jon Kortajarena at the premiere of the film “A Single Man” of Tom Ford, creation of the same designer.
  • Bag model Andy’s Carolina Herrera, made on the occasion of the opening of the store of the brand in London, of which only 3 units and one manufactured was for the secret agency.
  • The favorite bag of Jennifer Aniston It is a model zip-Tom Ford and has an extremely limited distribution.
  • The jacket of the photo above is of Chanel, He traveled from Switzerland to Boston at the request of a client.

* To date we have solved more than 1,000 cases for clients in 15 countries, both in Europe and other continents: Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Bahrain, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico and Singapore.

This wedding dress is of Marchesa, the year passed a bride of Bahrain He decided that it was the dress of their dreams. Virginia, neither short nor lazy, got it in London and she traveled with him to deliver it in hand, in perfect condition.

I can’t imagine the personal commitment that is a work of this magnitude, the Caprices and emergencies are the order of the day. The customer is the King, the Princess, the Queen. And Virginia is there so that the wishes and dreams become reality as soon as possible.