The Secret to Save Battery Power on Any Android Smart phone


At Android PIT, we are passionate about smart phones! And according to a  GMI survey of user satisfaction with smart phone battery life, I realized that even though people worry about turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or location services to try to save battery power , The vast majority forget the basics.

  • Tips to increase the battery life of your Android
  • How to extend the battery life of your smart phone

Limit the screen sleep mode

The first fact that you need to keep in mind is that the screen is the most energy consuming on a smart phone by, so the more you limit the use of it, the more battery you preserve until the next charge. The fact that you dim the screen is crucial for greater energy savings, but limiting the screen’s sleep mode also has a significant effect on your battery.

Standby mode

The screen’s sleep mode is simply the amount of time your smartphone’s display will remain active after you’ve stopped using it. By default, it has been set longer than necessary, and most people never think about reconfiguring such a feature.

Personally, I like to keep between one and two minutes, but this is by far only necessary for my work, as I would live without problems with the rest mode between 15 and 30 seconds. I can live with 15 seconds and for others it’s 30 seconds. Therefore, if you are the type of user who does not want to restrict the use of your device to be able to rely on it for a longer period of time, just limit the screen’s sleep mode by going to  Settings> Screen> Sleep mode.

  • With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, your battery will last 2 to 3 times longer-we did the test!

Extra tip: also decrease screen brightness

Decreasing the brightness of your smartphone screen from the shortcuts when you are in dark environments can further optimize your smartphone battery. First, make sure that the automatic brightness is off, since everything related to the brightness setting consumes a lot of battery. In addition, you can always make use of this feature manually when you need it. If you do not have the option on the shortcuts, go to Settings> Display> Brightness.

As simple as limiting the sleep mode and the brightness of your phone’s display may seem, at the end of the day you’ll notice the difference between worrying about it and not!

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So, what’s the sleep time limit on your smartphone screen now? How do you manage the brightness of your display?