The Smart LED Lamp with App Control

It is probably one of the smartest possible LED lamp on the market under the name. The product combines all the advantages of a modern LED bulb with the latest state of the art from the smart home sector.

The first version of the LED lamp has about 470 lumens and a warm white light color, which is similar in its brightness with a traditional 40 watt light bulb. Using a specially designed app (Apple BB´s IOS and Android) the light via a mobile phone or Tablet dimmed, and the color can be changed. The user can either adjust the desired light color on a color wheel or from pre install light productions choose. Usual home consumption of approximately 1,000 hours per year, it brings this product on a service life of up to 20 years.

The smart lamp to be offered at soon for about €20. It can be any time compared with other smart LED bulbs with color change function, such as with Philip hue and OSRAM Lightify.

So it is also the founder of the company: “our goal was to develop a smart LED bulb that is really affordable for everyone. We did that.” [Bob rider]

Next, the first major series will be produced. To finance them, a campaign the Crowd funding platform is planned to kick starter. Kick starter is a way to fund creative projects. The founders called a funding goal and an end date. If people like the project, you can pledge money and receive a gift in return.