The Smartwatch Clock that Can Compete with Apple Watch!

Motorola has launched the second generation of Bike 360 with very small changes compared to the previous model. New processor, two size options and specific fixes, as the change in the fit of the bracelet and the physical button to position two. After a week with the new Motorola smartwatch clock, the impression I got is that the manufacturer will be another year behind the competition, even having made a nicer watch than your predecessor. However, there is a factor in which Motorola remained unbeatable: the power of customization of the device. Check out below all the details about the Bike 360.

Bike 360 (2015)-release date and price

The second generation of Bike 360 was announced during an event in conjunction with the Lenovo, on 2 September 2015, and is already available in some regions from the Motorcycle Maker. In Brazil, Motorola opted to provide only the Sport version of the Bike 360 2015, which has black silicone bracelet and offers practice-oriented exercise, counting on the presence of a pedometer-that counts the steps, integrated GPS and heart rate.

The smart watch from Motorola will cost R $1,999.00 and will be available from today through Motorola’s official store. The Motorcycle Maker service, which customizes the box and the watch band, isn’t available to the version marketed in Brazil. The Sport version is sold in a single size of 45 mm, different from the leather and aluminum versions, you have options with sizes of 42 mm and 46 mm.

Bike 360 (2015)-Design & build quality

What most people look for in a smartwatch clock or a watch classic? No doubt it’s a beautiful design, because you would not use a watch just to check emails or the time, right? In this sense, the new Bike 360 is one of the best smartwatches we can find on the market today. The gadget can be customized in many ways, the steel bracelet box through the Bike Maker.

For this test, I received a voucher from Motorola in Germany and rode my Bike 360. Remember that the Sport version marketed in Brazil does not support the Bike Maker. The shopping experience starts with the carton size: 46 mm or 42 mm. Afterwards, you can choose which color you want to have the rim of the device (8 variations in all) and what will be the color of steel box (3 variations). Finally, you can choose between 6 bracelet formats, in two different materials: leather or metal. Some of the choices, as the bracelet with double turn, have an extra cost. And this whole process is really fast and easy to follow.

In comparison with the previous version, the new generation of Bike 360 had three specific changes. The first of these was in the steel box that now has a classic fit the bracelet to the device. In addition, the removal of the same is very easy, because it has an adjustable adapter. The second is the shift from physical button of the appliance, also known as Crown in traditional watches, the position “3” to “2”, which avoids unnecessary activations when moving the handle.

However, one of my biggest criticism last year was about the size of Bike box 360, and Motorola repeated the same mistake in 2015. Looking at the table below, you can see that even with the slight difference in battery capacity, the variants have virtually the same dimensions.

On the back, the Bike 360 2015 has a heart rate monitor working very quickly, which collects its data every five minutes and offers an analysis of 24 hours of their heart rate up. In addition, the new 360 offers IP67 water resistance certification. However, keep in mind that if you choose a leather bracelet, over time, the constant use in contact with water tends to leave a mark.

In summary, the major asset of the Bike is your 360 2015 customizability. The LG does not offer this, Samsung, Apple does not offer it or Sony. The only manufacturer that approaches the Motorola when it comes to customization of wearables is Huawei still leaves something to be desired. Despite the Chinese manufacturer executives affirm that there are different designs for different people, the company sells the product ready, you don’t have the chance to choose options. Soon, the second generation of Bike 360 has a Bike Maker ahead of the competition.

Bike (2015) – 360 Screen

The new Bike 360 has two variants, one of 1.37 inches and another of 1.56 inches, IPS LCD technology uses, and resolutions of 360 × 360 × 325 and 330, respectively. Increase the screen resolution of the new generation did with pixel density per square inch had also increased. Thus, we have 233 ppi for larger version and 263 ppi in the least. Despite making a small difference, it’s still possible to notice that the quality of the screen of the new generation of the smartwatch clock from Motorola is better.

This optimization also meant that the refraction of the images on the screen caused by the elevation to the banks of the monitor had lessened considerably. However, it is still something that bothers when using the Bike 360 at an angle of 30°. Already the screen brightness of the Bike 360 is really good and, unlike many gadgets, you can tell the difference between brightness levels (5 total and automatic). Of course, the screen brightness is directly connected to the battery, and a bright spot here is the fact that even in the brightness level 1, you will have no difficulty recognizing the fabric content.

During my tests, however, the sensitivity of the touch screen was not always effective. This is really frustrating at times, especially when you’re in a hurry and looking for a particular application, such as the control of media, for example.

However, overall, the Bike 360 2015 screen is good, but I hope in the next generation of wearable, Motorola review the fact that tele’s elevation relative to the rim, as well as the position of the sensors that make anything but circular screen.

Bike 360 (2015)-Software

The second generation 360 wheel Bike with the latest version of Android Wear. In this way, the software had a known upgrade since the announcement of the competitor Apple Watch and brings considerable improvements already, such as support for WiFi, for example. Between the dials pré-embarcados some really worth mentioning, especially those that act as widgets, i.e. intelligent applications.

Two functions that most caught my attention during my test of the Bike 360 2015 were remote-control services for the Android TV, music, services and applications and dials for the practice of sports. That is, have the information that matter, by the time you need. The software was very integrated with hardware too, and the use of the heart rate sensor and the pedometer is more precise and recognize the processes even faster. However, experts report that statistics of this type of device are still very experimental. Soon, one should not take this information to the letter.

Now, the official Google app now available on App Store and lets iPhone users, running with iOS version 8.2 or higher, pair smartwatches using the Android OS Wear. However, the use of the Bike 360 proved too shallow, almost worse than when released for Android. Below, you can see a gallery of images with examples of the capabilities of Android software running on the 360 and Bike Wear can have an idea of what the operating system provides right now:

Bike 360 (2015)-Performance

In fact we had some changes compared to the previous model of the hardware device: now the Bike 360 is packed by 400 Snapdragon processor, quad-core, rotating at 1.2 GHz frequency, and has the same 4 GB of internal storage of the previous model, as well as the same 512 MB of RAM. Already the graphics processor is the Adreno 450 305 when the subject is wearables, however, these specifications should be enough for a hardware performance more than satisfactory. The new Bike 360 has Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth 4.0, and this makes you able to use the clock without the need of the smartphone, and have a minimum cell’s energy consumption when the smartwatch clock is connected to it.

When we look at the hardware specifications of the new Bike 360, suffice it to say that are the same as the second generation of Bike G, launched last year. That is, you really can be sure to be carrying a small and powerful micro-computer in your fist.

The device runs with the latest version of Google’s operating system for wearables, which makes it compatible with smartphones running on Android as iOS. That’s right, if you own an iPhone 6, for example, and don’t intend to purchase Apple Watch due to the cost of the device, you can buy a smartphone more accessible and highly customizable, as is the second generation of Bike 360.

I was able to test the Bike 360 2 also in connection with the iPhone 6 and, although some problems to pair the devices without having to reset the smartwatch clock, doing this process it was possible to use them together. The experience of using the Bike 360 2015 with iOS is limited because many apps do not support the system. You can do voice searches, but not send messages using WhatsApp, for example. Thing is commonplace when we use Android Wear-Android OS.

Between the Bike 360 sensors have the accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyro, the sensor for monitoring the heartbeat and the vibrating motor and recognition of touch (Haptics). And, as we have seen in the description of the software, with it you can do a lot. However, the voice recognition is something that is still critical in the smartwatch clock from Motorola, however, we see the same smart watches us from almost all manufacturers.

In the case of Motorola, in specific, is really frustrating, because the manufacturer has one of the best voice-recognition engines on the market, present in the Moto X Style and Moto X Force, for example. One of the limitations of this service can be related to microphone placement which, for everyday use, doesn’t seem to be in the best position-left of the complaint, on the bottom. I use a smartwatch clock since the launch of Android Wear and, frankly, the most logical location for the microphone is the right side of the box, preferably higher.

With regard to the performance of the hardware, there is one thing that must be mentioned: you can use the Bike 360 2015 paired with other Bluetooth devices other than your smartphone! Want to take a walk with the dog or simply go to the market and leave the cell phone at home, but want to enjoy the album of your favorite artist? Just have a wireless headset with Bluetooth connection, as the UMi Voix Blu, and you will have no problems in using the files stored on the clock.

Bike 360 (2015) – drums

During the launch of the new Bike 360, Motorola’s engineers stated that the gadget has two days of use without charge. However, in ten days of use, I’ve never been able to get out and get home with battery in the watch. In other words, always had to carry it in some point of the day. It is worth remembering that the model I tested has 300mAh.

Just as we have two variants of size, we have battery capacity. Thus, 300mAh in 42 mm and 46 mm model 400mAh. The point here is really the fact that still rely on the Wireless charging dock. In fact the design well done from the dock and convenience of simply deposit the clock on it is what softens the bad energy experience.

Use for over a year the Gear Live and, believe me, it’s frustrating to have to find the small adapter every day, attaching it to the unit and find a USB/microUSB for charging him. However, nominate the purchase of an extra charger to leave one at home and one in your workplace. That make life simpler.

Well, of course there are some measures you can take to keep the battery from the Bike 360 2015 for longer, such as screen brightness settings, turn off wi-fi when no longer needed, disable the use of always-on screen.

Bike 360 (2015)-technical specifications

Final Verdict

In 2014, the anticipation of waiting for the 360 Bike made me feel a great frustration when I tested the device. However, a year later the experience was another. This happened because the Android Wear be an operating system, such as using wi-fi standard (service for iOS version doesn’t have this option yet). The chance to customize my own template also counted a lot for a better user experience with the Bike 360, especially the fact of having a smaller variant to my fist.

Motorola invests, clearly, in the exclusive offer for both the line of smartphones as for of smartwatches and here is the niche market of the manufacturer. In addition, have the chance to charge the device quickly and easily, without drastic intrusion to the routine of the users count much to the satisfaction of using the Bike 360.

Despite the evolution of Android Wear, the operating system still has much to be developed. Today, the Apple Watch and Gear S2 are the major competitors of Motorola wearables market, are offering software extras and even an experience of interaction with different system by having hardware resources as the Force Touch or the Rotary ring to check services, respectively.

For this reason, I would like to say that, if it is Android Wear, get the Motorola customization!

And you, what’s your choice among smartwatches options on the market? Does the Bike 360 2015 could be your next smartwatch clock?