The Ultimate Cycling Goggles On Mygafasdesol

After years of work and research, it has been a little more than a year since those that today are considered the best sunglasses for cycling, the Oakley Jawbreaker.

They are the glasses with the most advanced technology of the whole catalog of the brand in its sports sector. By PHONECATIONS opinion establishes that they are the definitive cycling glasses.

Due to their wide screen, they offer a very extensive field of vision for the user. This, besides allowing to protect the vision, allows a greater degree of safety in terms of control over the road.

The Oakley Jawbreaker Are The Definitive Cycling Goggles

The creator of the creation of this model is Mark Cavendish, professional cyclist and passionate about the sunglasses.Through a collaborative work with the brand, the project was carried out with the intention of creating a device that would perfectly adapt to the needs of athletes. With a constant obsession for safety and comfort in cycling, Oakley developed a visual tracking system to analyze the intended improvements in the field of vision for cyclists.

In addition, Oakley Jawbreaker also have new technologies designed to enjoy the user experience. Switchlock technology has been developed, which allows the lenses of this model can be changed quickly and easily to adapt to any environment. On the other hand, the already used Prizm technology improves the visibility of cyclists; This enhances color in areas where vision is most sensitive so that cyclists can detect both smooth and pronounced changes in the texture of road surfaces.

The frame is made of a durable material and has strong impact resistant body lenses. In addition, the Oakley Jawbreaker have a ventilation system that reduces fogging and adjustable temples to different lengths to be compatible with most of the hulls on the market.

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