The Umbrella Which Slows The Rain With Air

You tired of that rainy days have to be avoiding to draw you an eye with the umbrella? would like to go to the football when it rains and don’t worry that the front let you without seeing in every chance of scoring? This could become a reality if the air umbrella get funding.

It’s a project seeking funding on Kickstarter. This new umbrella uses compressed air to generate an invisible protection which diverts the water and prevents us mojemos. Is a cane that does not reach the kilo of weight and avoiding covering the vision, it would be a good addition to outdoor events free.

The umbrella would arrive in three versions. The first is the most small, for women, short and with a battery of only 15 minutes. The second is longer and protects for half an hour, while the third is expandable and also lasts about 30 minutes working with a full charge.


According to the designers, you can shelter from the water one or two people, but with weak rain can protect more people. The umbrella has a control for the power-the same and a motor charged both absorb the air from the outside and push it on top. Not missing a power regulator at the bottom to stop more or less rain.

The closing of the financing is October 24, with prices of 118 dollars. Although there were cheaper, they exhausted. Would you be willing to get this air umbrella and forget about the traditional?