The USB Cable Type Compatibility

As you know, USB stands for Universal Serial Bus , and is an industry standard, originally developed in the mid-1990, designed to standardize connectivity between computers and peripherals. This standard was developed by the USB Implementers Forum and over the years has been improved to ensure a higher transfer speed and a smaller design and slim. The mobile phone industry is moving towards the adoption of a new connector, USB type A to USB type C, which sees a new cable can handle a higher charging current and to ensure a more efficient data transfer.

Unfortunately not all USB cables of type C are equal. For example the USB type USB 3.0 OnePlus C does not use for data transfer. Currently Android Smartphones that use the USB connector of type C are the OnePlus 2, Nexus 5 x and Nexus 6 p in addition to Zuk Z1 and a few other smartphones “Chinese”.

But how to know if a particular cable is compatible with two Google smartphone Nexus?Fortunately, there’s an app to find out: it’s called CheckR, available from Google Play is able to test any USB cable and confirm whether it is up to the standard required by

Initial tests show that the USB OnePlus type C is not compatible, as indeed already knew. The cable of the Zuk Z1 instead should have no problems being USB 3.0 though there is that is sold separately. In short, in this time of transition better be careful if you have a new product Type-C.