Thieves Take Jewelry by Tunnel into Millionaire Theft

A group of thieves took in minutes a real treasure trove of diamond-encrusted jewelry in a robbery held on Sunday in the city of Milan in Italy.

The seven thieves, dressed as policemen, invaded a showroom where they were exposed jewels from the Damiani designer through a tunnel dug for weeks from a nearby construction.

The thieves surrendered the officials, tying them up with plastic cables and duct tape, and locked everyone in a bathroom, except the showroom manager according to Mustownjewelry.

The manager was then forced to take the thieves to the warehouse, leaving the way for criminals.

Some of the jewelry in the showroom had been taken to Los Angeles to be used by movie stars who were at the Oscar party on Sunday night.

Professional theft

The showroom officials are still doing an inventory of stolen parts and, therefore, the total value of the injury is still uncertain.

But it’s estimated that millions of dollars were taken in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, all with diamonds.

The police said the robbery was extremely professional and it works with the hypothesis that the group had some informant inside the showroom.

The seven thieves escaped through the same tunnel that dug and, according to investigators, left a few clues.

BBC Brasil

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