Things Remembered Tennis Bracelet

The bracelet tennis is one of the most popular diamond jewelry in the world. Movies, shows, red carpet events are the protagonists of this beautiful bracelet. Its not often that a jewel takes the name of a sport, indeed this is perhaps the only example.

Everything was born in 1987 when the tennis player Chris Evert while disputing a match at the US Open he asked the judge to suspend the meeting to find expensive diamond bracelet lost. Fortunately tennis player found the precious bracelet in no time. From that day on all formats bracelets from a single row of diamonds continues including the closure, were called tennis bracelets.

Every woman would like to have it and wear one. The flexibility of the chain bracelet makes this a very light gem that easily fits on your wrist. Furthermore, the diamonds are very bright, creating a real game of light in its simplicity. It is a very versatile bangle can be worn normally, so do not be left in the drawer.

The tennis bracelet is the most popular model in the world and worn by women

The ideal size is one in which between the wrist and the bracelet enters your index finger. Measure it well, if too large may slip while too tight segnarvi skin. The tennis bracelet is the classic jewel parure, it is usually sold with earrings and necklace matched. Although the fashion leads us to bring more bracelets together, the court must hold the exclusive model on the wrist.
The stones that can be embedded they are different, we start from Swarovski and cubic zirconia up to diamonds. In addition to diamonds lately Francy colour stones are greatly appreciated. In practice, these stones are diamonds that for their characteristics do not fit in the specified color scale from the GIA or the Gemological Institute of America. These stones create a truly beautiful tennis bracelets using colors like black, pink, yellow, orange, green, champagne color, gray, purple and violet.
Natural diamonds have a definitely lower price than the classic. Also the color is more intense over the stone will cost. The version of the bracelet with colored stones usually is more appreciated by young people who want to dare or those who already own the classic model and want something different and special.
The base of the tennis bracelet instead varies. It can be red, pink and white gold or platinum. There are also versions in silver or with base in silver and gold-colored bathroom. The usually bracelet material you choose to ring second wedding or faith, since in most cases they prefer to combine both jewels.
The bracelet can be designed and worked in many ways. The choice must be made ​​at the first shot. The tennis bracelet is selected according to the emotion that creates at first sight, no ifs, ands or buts. It does not need time or second thoughts.
In practice there is something for every budget you just know how to choose.