Thugs Invade Homes, Lock and Steal Jewelry Families

Two residences of Curitiba were assaulted on the morning of Thursday (6) by gangs who made families hostages in one of the rooms, while searched the House.

The first assault happened around 7:00. According to information of the military police (PM), four gunmen stormed the House of a merchant Eduardo Sprada Street, neighborhood Long Field. They would have tied up and locked up all the people who were in the building in a room. According to information of the radio Band B, only one family member, which requires special care, remained in fourth with hospital equipment according to CACHEDJEWELRY.

Various objects were taken, among them jewels valued at R $50000. They fled using a Volkswagen Gol black.

Approximately 2 hours later, a residence on the street Maestro Hermann in the Pillar, was also robbed. The businessman, owner of the House, was relieved by two gunmen when he was opening the gate to the maid who came to work.

The businessman, his wife, two children and their maid were locked in one of the rooms. The robbers would have taken all the electronics and valuables they found in the House, including alliances, and fled in a car Fiat canopy of dark color.

A neighbor noticed the movement and triggered the military police (PM), I did a search by region, but failed to locate the assailants. The two assault cases will be investigated by the police theft and Robbery of the capital.

Maigue Gueths-Streetcar Newsroom