Tips For Choosing Earrings Suitable According to the Shape of Your Face

All we like the earrings, and each season they vary in shapes and sizes, and fashion POWs want to wear them as much as we can. Sometimes we get it right if still not we learned that the same must be chosen according to the structure of your face, because otherwise the most beautiful earrings will be the less favourable, since they can completely ruin the image. It does not need much to find among many proposals, earrings, those who come to you well.

Tips for choosing earrings suitable according to the face shape, when you finish reading, you’ve taken what that best suit you? and you must act accordingly. When you find the earrings that you favor, it will be easier to buy and more beautiful look.

  • If your face is round, what you should look for are earrings that balance the same shaping a more elongated or oval, so choose earrings that fall, in forms of rectangles or corner pieces, also operate the square forms. No earrings for you must be so thick, or lengthy, much less in large size. A medium soft fall in the forms sign up works well.
  • The oval face is a face that has advantage for the earrings, almost all work, but are always and when not too long and so thin because that lengthens the face more than it would like.
  • Heart shaped face: ares that they are increasing the base down, triangles, tears, circles, and others that are thin overhead and increase down. Nothing square earrings or otherwise that are thick and evenly.
  • Square shaped face: the ideal are the earrings with curves, tears and more structured earrings round pieces that give a soft round the face.
  • Long face: Earrings in the form of square, above all which are linked from the lobe of the ear and for hanging anything that will give the feeling of the face longer. Wear earrings that are near the ear and have fallen.
  • Diamond shaped face: earrings, short and wide, and in small sizes, not use earrings long and thin.
  • Triangular shaped face: Earrings oval or in circles in large or small size, balancing the face.