Tips for Cycling to Work Without Hiccups

The  bikes  are definitely going in the lives of large Brazilian cities like Sao Paulo, which is approaching the mark of 400 km of bike paths  and other cities where the habit of using the bike as a means of transport is more common, as the Rio de Janeiro And Santos.  Although in the capital of São Paulo the  bicycle is  still more associated with leisure, more and more people are using the  skinny  to escape traffic and have an  alternative transportation  to work.

Yes, you can go  bike riding, although you should already be thinking about obstacles. “But will I get all sweaty at work?” “Is not it dangerous?” Calm down! By following a few simple tips these setbacks are easily overcome and you can get the  bike  into your routine as  the  primary  mode of transportation . With this, you will save money, exercise, have a better quality of life and will relate to the city in another way! Then write it down and  cycle to work!

Cycle of Av. Paulista, in São Paulo – Photo: Mariana Gil / Embarq Brasil / Flickr – Source


– First, you have to have a  bike  in good condition, suitable for your weight and height. It should be with the brakes, gearbox and chain well regulated, tires in good condition and full. Safety accessories such as front and rear lights for  pedaling  at night, buzzer / horn and rearview mirror are indispensable. A luggage rack guarantees more comfort to carry backpack and even purchases. The helmet is also essential. To prevent him from kneading or messing your hair, wear a bandana!

– Plan your route. The tip is to take a weekend to make the journey from home to work place with the most tranquil and unhurried traffic. Privilegie the streets with  bicycle lanes  or  cycle paths, less busy streets and flatter paths. If you live too far from work, one option is to use the  bike  to go to the subway and train station or bus terminal, and proceed using public transportation. Many stations and terminals already have  bike racks  and you can buy a folding bike that you can take inside the collectives.

– Make sure your workplace has a place where it is possible to leave the  bike, and never stop using the latch or chain to catch the bike, in the parking lot or on the street.

At the time of pedaling

– Prepare the backpack with a towel, raincoat, water and the clothes that you will use at work(hint: not to knead, put it in a folder). Use light, comfortable clothing to ride.

– Pedal quietly, within your pace, without exerting too much effort and always paying attention to the surrounding, signaling and traffic of vehicles and pedestrians. Prefer the times with the weaker sun(before 9am and after 5pm), to perspire and get tired less. If the ride is at night, never forget to leave the bike’s lights on. If you get very tired or out of breath during the trip, take a break and drink water.

Arriving at work

– Once you park your bike safely, it’s time to start the stop. But if you sweat a lot, you’ll probably get stew. Some companies already have locker room for employees who go from bike to shower and change. But if your still have not, some tips help replace the bath:

– Wash your face thoroughly and soak your hair in the same sink. You can use the water bottle to wet the hair. Then dry thoroughly with your towel.

– Use moist wipes to clean armpits and intimate parts. Then just change and you’re ready for work!

Now that you’re part of the growing legion of people who ride to work, get involved in this class! Talk to coworkers who already use the bike, explain their techniques to those who do not yet pedal but want to change the car or the bike for the bike, and be part of groups and groups of cyclists. Together, you can suggest to the company to invest in infrastructure for cyclists and also influence your city’s public policies for cycling by expanding the network of bike paths, bike trails and other public facilities that make cycling safer.

Do you have any other bike tips for work that we forgot to mention? Tell us in the comments, and you can pedal!