Tips for Night Fishing

The world does not change at night, what changes is our perception. Night fishing can not be approached in the same way as we do during the day, as our senses face really different conditions. That is why today at PescaCosmar we will give you some tips to tackle surfcasting fishing at night, avoiding mishaps and getting the most out of it.

Advantages Of Fishing At Night

The vast majority of fish tend to feed at times where the sun touches the water, that is, at dawn or dusk, which leaves us half a day immersed in the dark. In addition, many large-caliber predators that we would like to catch during the day do not appear very often if not at night. It is therefore very important for any fisherman to know how to cope with night fishing conditions.

On the other hand, at night you can enjoy more of nature, solitude and silence.Ideal for relaxing and disconnecting technology or work stress. It is an excellent mental therapy and also a physical challenge. As low temperatures, added to the collection effort help to enhance our physical abilities and maintain good health.

Safety Tips Before Going Fishing At Night

Safety first comes first. Locate an illuminated beach, which has easy access to urban areas, from which you can see other people. Avoid getting into unknown or dangerous terrain. You should know beforehand the beach and fish in it on previous occasions.

NEVER GO ONLY, remember that we are diurnal beings, we are prone to accidents during the night hours as we do not see well, sleep is a pressing factor and temperature can play a trick.

Also avoid slippery, steep or stony areas. It preferably goes to sandy beaches, since the piers and breakwaters could carry an ugly fall or accident.

What To Bring To A Day Of Surfcasting Night Fishing?

In addition to the items we normally use for surfcasting fishing, we need to include some additional tools, according to sportingology.

  1. In the first place one or severalflashlights of great capacity and duration.Preferably with your spare batteries, in case the ones you are using are exhausted.
  1. Clothing is another important factor if you do not want to freeze or have a hard time. Regardless of the season, once the sun goes down, the cold lashes, cover yourself according to the temperature. Above all the chest, the back and throat should be kept in place to avoid colds.
  2. Hands on the other hand though they are needed free to arm the rigs; If it is very cold, use a pair of gloves once you have finished handling the fishing items.
  3. Large and easy to handle fishing box. Making several trips to the car, to go out all our equipment is much more difficult at night, so we recommend the use of a large box that allows you to get everything in one trip.
  4. If you do not like or do not feel comfortable carrying a large box, choose to use a backpack or a cart with wheels to facilitate the transport of fishing equipment.
  5. The snacks and hot drinks will never be over in a night shift. If we do not sleep the body feels hungry and in addition the effort we make burns a lot of energy, so it is vital to feed properly.
  6. In addition, and even if you find it funny, bringing dry soap can be extremely useful. Usually sea water is sufficient to wash our hands after handling the baits and our catches. But at night the situation changes when the cold wind touches our wet hands. If you do not want to freeze your fingers, carry it in your backpack.

Night Fishing Equipment

In our online fishing shop PescaCosmar we offer you a great combo of fishing articles, specially designed for the nocturnal fishing to surfcasting, that include:

The Fanatyca Surf fishing rod, which uses patented yuki technology, to stay illuminated at night, with it you can see the bites easily and at the same time you will get all the benefits of a professional cane.

And also the strong white and red Tica Galant Long Cast GBAT 1000 W. It will allow you to handle it with agility even in the most closed nights, it has a great capacity of thread, brake power and speed of collection.

In addition to other items always useful, a fabulous discount and the advantage of free shipping to the door of your home.

Surfcasting Tackle

Finally we advise to make slight changes in your gear, since during the night the fish also change their perception.

Find out if the species you wish to fish improves or makes your vision worse at night. If worse I resort to baits whose smell is stronger. Also increase its size and do not worry so much to give a great camouflage to the hook. However if the view of the fish sharpens, covers the hook well, and ensures that it does not touch the ground to keep it moving.

During the day we are accustomed to using fluorocarbon wires so that they are not seen under water. However, at night really does not merit that we spend in this material so expensive, because there is no light to reflect.

The hooks, on the other hand, have no major inconvenience, in fact those with a brighter color than usual might serve to capture the attention of curious predators.

“How did you like our advice today? If you have more advice do not hesitate to say it in the comments, so that other fishermen can take advantage of it. See you soon and good fishing. “