Tips for Safe Bicycle Riding

With the arrival of good weather there is a greater tendency to ride a bike, not only for the sake of fun, but also because it is a healthy practice. Get to know 6 tips to practice this sport safely:

Choose to pedal on surfaces suitable for cyclists and, if possible, pedal out of urbanization and traffic confusion.

Make sure your bicycle seat is suitable for you. You should be able to put your feet on the floor when you are sitting, so if you have to stop, you can reach the ground and keep your balance.

Avoid walking against the grain. Driving off the road can be very dangerous as the speed of the cars becomes greater.

Do not forget to communicate with the other vehicles. Mark your intentions on the road in advance, especially when you change direction.

If you ride your bike at night, wear light clothing. Also use bike lights and reflectors to make it visible to other drivers during night cycling.

When cycling, it is important to have an insurance that protects you in case of an accident. Get to know N Bike insurance and protect yourself from €30.58/YEAR.