Tips For Sleeping Bag in Perfect Condition

All material need special care and maintenance, so then we give the following recommendations to optimize the performance and care sleeping bag:

1 select and clean the area camping.

This is basic, you must be sure to clean the area of camping, removing stones, branches and other objects that could damage the floor of the tent, as well as make us have a unpleasant time trying to sleep.

  1. isolates the bag from the shop floor.

Use a mat, insulating…

In this way you will avoid direct contact with the ground, favoring the retention of heat.

It is said that its use can help to be up to 4 degrees Celsius hotter.

  1. prepare well bag.

When remove the sack compression bag, you must make sure you shake it and stretch it well.

This synthetic fibers or feathers to grow the volume.

  1. before going into the sack…

If these camping in a cold place, the best will be to that you mess to sack when your body is hot.

This will improve heat retention allowing you to sleep more warmly.

Another good tip is to drink something hot before getting to the sleeping bag.

That Yes, you never mess into the sack with wet clothes, spend so much cold!

  1. after a camp sleeping bag should be collected in such a way that fibers or feathers is not damaged.

The correct way of storage consists of put the sleeping bag inside the compression bag without repeating patterns of bending.

This means that you must not fold, if not inserted directly.

This will favour that the materials “have no memory” avoiding the wear and tear of the same.

  1. to clean it…

The most important thing is that you follow the washing instructions that are printed on labels, as they are quite delicate and each one has a different shape depending on the materials with which it was manufactured.

That Yes, remember to avoid as much as possible for Sun to give for prolonged times.

  1. to Save the sack after a camp, it is important that you retire it compression bag.

The ideal way of saved is hung; However many bags include a bag stored with grids, useful to save it.