Tips For Taking Care Of His Shirt

The shirt is a fragile piece of our dressing, collar, wrists, sleeves, button placket, back yoke… The shirt is complex and there are several ways to maintain it so that it lasts in time.

Tips For Taking Care Of His Shirt

Choose your shirt for purchase

The price is not a guarantee of quality, so matter! So be interested in the fabric used for your shirt, but also with the style of weaving to the finishes. Once this is done, you will have an overview of the life of your part.

Master your washing machine

The best is to follow the indications on the garment so as not to risk the drama. If you are not sure, do not exceed 40° or wash it by hand.

Avoid the dryer, the hanger will suffice

Once your shirt is clean, remove it from the washing machine quickly enough so that it does not wrinkle too much so that it does not get impregnated with the bad odor generated by the moisture. The dryer is not the solution, a wooden hanger will be perfect. Be sure to align the shoulders in the line of the shoulder for easy ironing.

Iron it again wet

To facilitate operation, iron your shirt when it is slightly damp. The folds will fade more easily and the cardboard effect of a shirt too dried by the heat of the iron will be avoided.

Bonus: Think of putting whales for good support of the cervix

The whales are placed in the points of the neck to ensure the rigidity of the neck. Knowing that the collar of your shirt determines your style, gentlemen take care!

Apply these tips to lengthen the life span of your shirt. Find all our men shirts on the site COMPUTERMINUS.COM.