Tips for Wearing Jeans

A jeans is one of the most popular pieces of clothing both male as female, with an immense capacity to suit many occasions and moments. In any wardrobe, he is a classic of versatility. The feminine universe, he walks the casual, informal rebel to the elegance of the social sport costume, combining that with sweaters and elegant blazers, high heels and luxury accessories.

Although very popular, there are many women who go crazy with such a variety of models, cuts, styles, trends and colors, and real live dilemmas in choosing the perfect jeans for them.

A basic rule for adopting a jeans is that it should accommodate to the body of the woman (and not the other way around), make her feel comfortable and above all, must encourage your figure.

As the jeans is a piece that can not miss in your closet, we put together some advice and useful tips to help you choose the most suitable model of this outfit, according to your body type and style.

Knowing the best Jeans for your body

Before you choose a style or template in jeans, you should consider your body type (silhouette, height and weight). The jeans must contribute to give balance and proportion to the body, in order to enhance your best attributes and hide those details that nobody needs to understand.

For example, if you type is very slim, you can abuse the models with marked seams and pockets with bulging and volumes. Already if you are shorter and with more chairs avolumadas, care must be taken with the models skinny jeans, which are made in thinner fabric and the cut is very adjusted the waist to feet.

The types of Bodies

Hourglass Body: if you have a body like that, bet on narrow jeans with low waist to accentuate her curves.

Compact body: if you’re the type mignon (skinny and much shorter) do not choose jeans with cuffs marked or bars in the ends of the legs and not the cut boot cut (wide).Look for straight cut pants almost touching the floor, to give the illusion of greater height.

Round body: choose jeans high waist to control the area of the stomach. Prefer dark colors. The pants can be straight or flared and the more accomplished possible – touching the floor, for use with high-heeled shoes and platforms.

Rectangle Body: the ideal model of jeans for this body type is that which helps to give the body curves and details in your pockets. The low-rise and narrow mouth can be the best choice.

Body Triangle: you should avoid attracting more attention to the area of your hips and back more than necessary. Choose jeans with high waist and straight legs. Dark colors will also help a lot of stretching and Stylize your figure.

How to properly use the Jeans

Any kind of pants, especially jeans, must not tighten too the waist, making your belly if design forward. And you can’t leave a gap too wide in the back. The hips have to accommodate very loosely so as not to deform. In front, at the time of the thigh, has been smooth, without being stretched, with folds or wrinkles. If it does, try a size more or other style of jeans.

The pockets on the back of the jeans should be proportionate to your body size/type. If you have little hip, can use more elaborate pockets with embroidery, predarias, ornaments or any other details. If you have hip protruding, the more simple and plain for the Pocket, the better.

The length of the pants is also very important. Can be strategic have jeans with different lengths, namely, a pair of jeans to wear flat shoes and another for use with shoes and sandals heels.

Be very careful with the length of the pants. The short lengths or capri style don’t look good on very short nor very high and stout women. Better to use a straight cut and dark pants. If you have long legs, you can wear short pants or tight.

If you have very hip and thighs, thick with mouth wide jeans, to help create a balance.

If you don’t already have a lot of hips, look for jeans with pockets on the front and details to give the illusion of curves.
The low waist jeans are perfect for women with small stem and women with chairs butt because it minimizes the hips and the back and give you a larger body.

While those with high waist are perfect for women with large torso and stomach, because it helps to disguise and cover the belly area.

Important Tips

It is recommended that you establish a budget for your investment. For being a garment very classical, with the certainty that will last a long time and that will be used many times, you can spend a little more money. Quality is important so that the piece can be washed many times without losing color, details or form. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall into the armadinhas of the griffes and pay expensive for an outfit, because this is not necessarily a guarantee that you’ll get better.

Stay alert to changes and variations of sizes. Not strictly by a numbering Guide to life. Each brand of jeans is guided by different parameters in the determination of sizes.There are a few that are especially for small people or even for women plus sizes.

It is also important to take into account the use that you will give to the jeans. If they are for use during the day, to work or to the clubbing, which allows, for example, a fancier model, with more style and design.

Always try a jeans before buying them. After all, one thing is the clothes on a mannequin in the window and another is she dressed in your body. For more beautiful he is, you have to feel comfortable and beautiful.

Wash the jeans before making the proper adjustments, because normally they shrink a little.

Tips to know jeans type: