Tips on Blue Cami Dress

Check out 6 beautiful blue cami dress options of Monalisa Perrone and in look of the day!

Blue Cami Dress

How about hitting on look of the day with a tube dress? Impossible not to tear down, particularly if it’s a blue cami dress.

With that in mind, today’s post brings you 6 beautiful blue cami dress options, starting with the dress of Monalisa Perrone. Check out!

Monalisa Perrone is a super stylish. In your journalistic program, she nailed it with a cami dress full of interesting details, mainly in the handles. Note that the handles have cutouts, which can leave the most modern dress.

In addition to the beautiful details on the handles, one cannot fail to mention the incredible blue cami dress. The blue shade is ideal for valuing different shades of skin and hair, mostly women Brunettes, as Monalisa Perrone. It is worth mentioning that this dress highlights the curves, and may mark the chubbiness.


Currently, there are dresses little tubes to ballad and for work, it depends on how glued to the body for the dress. So, what defines a dress as tube is your straight cut, with various models of tube dress. Check out the TIPS below to get the look:

  • The cami dress outlines the silhouette;
  • The straight cut of the tubing does not value all body, mainly, the body of women with wide hips, because it accentuates even more the region;
  • To leave the cami dress more suited to your body, invest in a low-cut and length that suit him;
  • Remember that a great cami dress model is versatile, but length, color, fabric and pattern make all the difference in whether a the cami dress occasion.

Check out some beautiful blue cami dress options and hit the look of the day!


  • #1 Blue Cami Dress

This blue cami dress has a light blue tone super high in summer 2015. But your typical modeling is dressed for work and not the Club, due to the midi length and fit perfect. This length is ideal for those who like to wear heels at work.

  • #2 Blue Cami Dress

Just as in the case of the previous blue cami dress, this dress has the midi length, which can flatten the silhouette if you do not use a high heel proper. In addition, the highlight of this dress is the color royal blue, super stylish, being the shade of blue of the moment, especially for fancy parties.

It is worth mentioning that for being a short cami dress details, it is ideal for those who like to dare accessories.

  • #3 Blue Cami Dress

This blue cami dress is a great option to dress for work that can be used in a happy hour.This is the modeling that outlines the curves, but without excess, in addition to the beautiful cut-outs on the sleeve. Small cutouts, as these can provide more modernity to a simple tube dress.

  • #4 Blue Cami Dress

If you want to carve it up in the Club, little tubes dresses, like this one, are the most high for that kind of party. This is the sensual transparencies that blue cami dress has. Note that leave enough skin transparencies to shows, especially the waist region and can demonstrate the love handles.

  • #5 Blue Cami Dress

If you are looking for a blue cami dress different, this is a great option, as well as owning several details, he can stretch and refine the silhouette, things that we all want. Are the vertical stripes that provide a more elongated body, in addition to being the main detail that dress. It is worth noting also the frill on hemlines, something current and super feminine.