Tips on Choosing a Suit

Select design jacket. Single-breasted jacket with two buttons is perhaps the most famous style jackets but with three or four buttons are also popular. Remember that fashion for men is also often changes, as well as in women. Only the high and low fashion men wear formal double-breasted jackets, because they add volume figure. Accordingly, they should be kept fastened at all times because unbuttoned jacket hangs and does not look good.

Choosing a Suit

Choose a suitable fabric and pattern. If you opt for fabric pattern, check pattern is in line (fit out) in the seams of the shoulder and lapel.

Choice of fabric for suit (see definition at High quality worsted wool is the most versatile seasonal choice. Cotton and linen are suitable for summer. Avoid mixes that are made ​​with too much polyester as they do not breathe well and can look cheap. Crush the fabric to make sure it returns to its shape, rather than crushing it (unless you choose fabric that should crushing such as flax).

Choose a model pants. Pleats make pants dressy and provide more room for movement, while the flat front pants make the figure more weak. Hems at the end of a formal, add weight to the suit and can make your legs look shorter. Without pants hem lengthen legs and more informal.

See if you coat it. Make sure the collar of his jacket sits snugly to the back of your neck and shows a half-inch edge of the collar. Shoulders should be lightly padded and neither too square or too fell. The sleeves should reveal half to one centimeter of cuff shirt (ie sleeves should be slightly longer than the sleeves of his jacket) and should end about 12 cm before the tip of the thumb. Button the jacket and sit down to check whether it is convenient and does not change shape. Make sure pants stand waist, not your hips and fall slightly crease on your shoes. Make sure your socks are not visible when you sit or walk (therefore pants leave little longer).

Keep in mind several rules:
Tall men should emphasizes the horizontal lines and avoid vertical stripes. Double-breasted suit look good on tall, thin men. Low men should choose single-breasted suit with a short jacket and vertical stripes. If you buy a suit of clothes can often need to take pants, which comes to the jacket, no matter what. In this case, the cut of jacket, which is more noticeable, must take precedence over pants. Note that pants can easily be lengthened or shortened. Your best bet is buying a jacket and trousers separately, which will give you more choices and a good approach if you need more specific patterns (for example, if you have a big backs and small waist). The ideal is to make a custom-made suit with your actions and your chosen fabric. This service is offered by the brand Richmart.