Tips on Wearing a Corset

I regularly wear a corset every day, the one that suits me for everyday use in terms of comfort ( and you can see from the photos ) is the baby corset of  What Katie Did ( my next will be a little longer, I already spotted the model, we now save!). It is very flexible, robust and above all it is rather short, really only for size. It is small enough so easy to tie. Wearing a corset may seem like a very simple thing ( which I hear is in hop hop, we lace corset and it’s over, we talk about it more! ) Except that in the end it is a test! I’ll give you little tips if you want to put too!

Wearing a Corset

TIP 1: As I said in the article on the tightlacing and waist training , choose a corset solid ( because he will have to undergo quite incroybales strengths and it has happened to me a corset let go because he was not made to suffer as much pressure and BAM is the accident and metal bars sold ) and especially comfortable.

TIP 2: When you receive your corset will come with a manual, explaining the need to “break”, understand that we must, as a pair of shoes, an adjustment period. To this must be for about 2 weeks to wear a little every day ( or every other day ) by tightening gradually and over time increasingly long.
Let me explain: the first day you wear little tight for about 1h / 1:30 on the second day ressererez you a little more wear and for 2 h / 2:30 ET so on. This prevents the corset get scratched and allows adaptation to your body, it will be much more comfortable.

TIP 3: To keep your corset clean longer, wear an xxl shapewear somewhat elastic, simple, below. The corset will not be in direct contact with your skin, you will not be sweating it directly. Shirt is easier to wash a corset. At the end of the day, let the corset aerate quietly in a chair.

TIP 4: Take your time for lacing, if necessary ask for help, especially on long corsets ( good there my corset WKD I can put it all alone without worry because it is short, but my Orchardcorset requires much more dexterity and patience to see help! ). Thread the non-tightened, it will be simpler and especially it will prevent the staples will undergo deformation. It is necessary that the edges are parallel all the way! This is very important because it helps distribute the forces that will be exerted on the corset. Do not make your lacing in “V” or “X”.

TIP 5: Avoid surround the strings around your waist ( although I know it is very tempting and I admit I’ve done ) because after a while it just use the fabric and damage the. Simply make a knot in the back and stuck, if necessary, your string of surpluses in your lacing.

TIP 6: Do not tighten if you can not stand a long time (unless that is wanted is not it?), If you want to wear it all day is best to tighten to feel comfortable. Each in its tolerance and above the more or less elastic waist. To be comfortable!

TIP 7: To remove your corset, loosen maximum lacing then undo the staples before. As with the threading, it will save that they twist because of the pressure.