Tips to Clean Leather Bags

Whether a branded bag, a bag or a vintage leather handbag, the handbag is our ally in everyday life. We will catch our makeup case, our deodorant travel size and everything else. It prevails everywhere and it is placed … everywhere.Result ? This is a real nest for microbes. How to care for her purse? How to clean her handbag leather? Is it possible to remove the oil stains and ink stains? Discover the answer in 19 tricks!

  • Have a cloth shot on your bag with warm soapy water.

Mix a little liquid soap in warm water and soak a cloth. Spend it on your bag without too much rubbing. Then use a soft, damp cloth, soap this time in order to remove all dirt.

  • ALWAYS wipe in the direction of the leather.

This is the basic rule.

  • Beware of Grandma’s recipes.

Home remedies are best avoided. Forget baby wipes, vinegar and the rest. The chemicals in them could damage your bag by drying the leather or affecting its color.

  • The key to removing ink stains? treat them immediately!

If you have the misfortune of having a pen task pen or ink on your bag, the ideal would be to go to a professional leather goods as quickly as possible. If you can not afford it, buy a special product to remove ink store tasks. Read the instructions carefully. Be sure to dry the area you have treated postoperatively.

  • Do not attempt to remove the oldest ink stains …

If the ink stains are not recent, do not attempt to remove them alone. The ink is too embedded. It will, in this case, refer you to a professional leather goods.

  • Fill your bag when not in use.

When you store any of your purses to wear one another, remember to fill it. This will help keep its original form.

  • Never use water on the oil stains.

This could greatly damage the leather!

  • Use a professional product for the toughest dirt.

You will not need to rinse these creams. That’s a good point. Indeed, flushing could damage your bag. These products cost certainly more expensive than the others but the results will be much more convincing.

  •  Adapt the cleaner to the material of your bag.

A lambda cleaner will not be as effective in a suede bag a cleaner specifically designed for that matter.

  • Always try the product on a small area.

Test before the cleaner on a small part of preferably handbag inside (well hidden from prying eyes). Better to be cautious when it comes to your handbag trend .

  • Avoid holding your bag after applying the hand cream

This is the best way to have fat tasks!

  • If your bag was accompanied by a house of protection … use it!

It’s not just for show. These canvas bags can protect the leather dust.

  • Or go for a pillowcase.

If you do not have special protection house, do not panic! An old pillowcase will do.

  • Do not store your bag in a sunny location.

The sun can damage the color and the leather one.

  • Do not wear bright bag when your outfit is dark.

Dark colors may bleed on the bag and there … it’s a disaster. Remove these tasks is (almost) impossible.

  • Use shoe polish (in EXTREME cases).

For stubborn stains, try to find a paste of the same color of your bag. Apply a little bit on the treatment area.

  • Do not use glycerine soap (soap stool) on the leather bag.

Too strong, this soap will damage your favorite handbag.

  • Do not use any deodorant to correct the bad smells.

Be careful, you should not use deodorants containing solvents or aerosols which may, in some cases, damage your bag.

  • Opt for baking!

To eliminate lingering odors, place a baking open container in your bag. Placed it in a protective case or in a pillowcase for 24 hours. Baking powder should absorb odors.