Tips to Dye at Home

Lately I’ve been experimenting with fabric dyeing, using those Guarany brand dye tubes that cost $ 1.50 in any cabinet.I chose to dye these 3 pieces, whose different results I want to share with you.

  1. Jeans
    Originally it was a faded wash jeans, which in time became more faded still (a color half undefined, almost gray rat).But he still wore very well and jeans is a type of clothing the older he is, the better.Well, I took courage and dyed it with a tube of pure black dye.The yellow stitching line did not dye, but still, and for that very reason, I thought it was great.
  2. All Star green
    The original fabric was Tone Green from the flag of Brazil. I could not use it because I thought this shade of green did not fit in with anything. I dyed it with a tube of navy blue powder. The result was that with a green base with the blue dye it produced a tone of very dark green, half purplish. And the white part of the rubber ended up tinged by table – it was lilac clear. In addition to dyeing, I also spent sandpaper on the edge stitching to give a worn look. I like the result!
  3. Cotton Cardigan
    It was a blouse of pink cotton shock , beeeeem I arrived that I bought in a trip.I rubbed the color but the fabric was of great quality and the modeling still wore very well.I thought that in this case everything that comes in terms of color is profit.

Well, when I put the piece in the water with dye I soon saw that the fabric would turn dark lilac, but I realized that the stitching would not dye and it would be the original color, shock-pink!It must be because certain polyester lines do not tint well.The end result is this one.I did not love it, but the dyeing has these surprises.

My conclusion.Yes, it is worth dyeing.It’s a cheap and fun way to recycle your wardrobe, give a new face to pieces that are leaning in a corner.

But first of all evaluate well the material of the piece that you are going to dye.Cotton and 100% natural fibers dye very well, most of the synthetics taint poorly and the mixed ones are a surprise.Face homemade dyeing as an adventure because you can not be 100% sure about the color the piece will be.The color surprise has to be part of the fun.

And if you want to change the color of an expensive piece I suggest be cautious and take in a reliable dye for an evaluation.

Have you ever dyed any clothes at home?Did it work?The final color was what you expected?Tell me about your experience.

– Dyeing a light piece of black is easy and almost always works.If you are dyeing colored pieces always consider the color of “base”and remember that it will blend in the color of the dye to generate the final tone.

If you use the right ratio of dye, water to the weight of the fabric your pot will not get stained.

– It is not necessary to use the industrialized fixative.I have tried using both tube fixer and white alcohol vinegar and the result is identical.