Tips & Tricks To Make a Fine Figure Even In a Bathing Suit

What woman doesn’t? The bathing season or a holiday to come shortly, but the figure know few extra pounds on. No one wants to be seen stupid at the beach or pool and so close the solution: laminating is announced, because even chubby women should enjoy summer to the fullest.

First of all it depends on of course, where the small pads are? The Lady is generally slightly chubby or just butt or legs are affected? The swimwear should be selected individually according to the figure. To find the right cut, following tricks are:

A great Po: Women fighting only on the butt with cushions, should choose a pair of trousers or a swimsuit which is high on the legs. So, the Po is lifted a little. Bright colors should be avoided rather, because they apply unfortunately on the Po. Also hot pants don’t laminating, but rather emphasize the back of a lady. There are also swimsuits which have sewn a kind of rock. This is easy across the Po and hidden a few pounds.

Dense belly: there are now special swimwear which are made of two materials. The lower tones and concealed the tummy which upper serves as the “visible” clothing. So, the stomach is hidden unless it sees someone. Also Tankinis perfectly suited to hide a few pounds in the middle of the body. This two-parter should only complete the knickers for nothing out to look.

Basically, all thick women should use their advantages in scene and are looking for plus size swimwear. A nice big cleavage can be quietly stressed with a swimsuit with brackets or cups, so stretch off the chest of other vulnerabilities. In addition, all swimwear in the right size should be purchased. Vanities are here inappropriate, cut to small models and looks every woman is simply too thick, no matter how many pounds it weighs. Wild patterns or Flash colors are not a good idea, although black is not the only color for swimwear in large sizes, it should be avoided in neon colors or giant flower pattern. Also stripes are suitable only for a few models. It is unfortunately much more so that thick long strips reminiscent of Obelix.

Small tools, such as high shoes with Cork heel, Beach dresses, Pareos or wipes, which are loosely looped around the waist are also allowed. So, a few small upholstery are hidden well and quickly.