To Parade at the Paris Haute Couture

Alexis Mabille paraded Monday, July 1, at 18.30 p.m. on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week, in Evreux, the hotel with its Couture collection for winter season 2014, inspired by the work of the painter Giovanni Boldini.

Women who painted Boldini were flexible and uninhibited, showing a model of elegant beauty and erudite without reluctance and undressing, affirm their right to self-determination as mature and emancipated individuals, fully aware of her own femininity.

Alexis Mabille has uploaded to the gateway to this prototype of woman. Them, aware of her own femininity, parade with safe passage boleros wearing sleeves in the form of pagoda game with Brocade pants that seem freshly descended from the paintings of Boldini, but also jackets type redingote combined with jabot skirts or even dresses and long coats of gala held in organza and satin. “As my friend María SJB:”Haute, Haute (Couture)!”

Emilia Cardona, journalist and wife of the painter Zanín Boldini explained to his death in 1931:

In his paintings, their models do not conform with pose, they seem to move expressing, in its path, everything you are, everything you were and all in what you would like to become.

Can a more poetic and more graphical way of defining artistic femininity think you? Therefore, Alexis Mabille has taken paid for your web a sentence the writer Léon Blum He published in the Revue de Paris in 1914:

“Love it is to transform it into protagonist, is adorning it with the most exquisite Michoacán”.