To Securely Delete Sensitive Data From Iphone And Ipad

The delete function deletes not apps, contacts, mails, music files… On the iphone or the ipad accumulate over time lots of data. Who wants to sell his apple device, should be aware, that there is sensitive personal data, are none of the third party. Or would that strangers have access on your email inbox, address book, or your SMS messages?

Data shredder for ios does not exist of course you can delete all files by hand from the iphone or the ipad around via itunes or memory management included with ios. However, the built-in memory as well as the memory in notebook and PC works: Really are the data deleted through the simple deletion does not. Special restore software, you can restore the files in the blink of an eye. Data are only really deleted when the memory was repeatedly overwritten by random number and letter series. Abound corresponding delete programs for the PC now. Smartphone and tablet users but in this look into the tube.

One, although there is also cumbersome, way: The 5,49 euro ierase overrides at least the free memory of the iphone with numbers salad. For this, you must delete the entire contents of the apple smartphone, but before. Faster and more convenient is the second method, the COMPUTER image in the following presents.

The best tips and tricks for the iphone solution: Pass code makes sure the delete who wants to go play it safe before he his iphone on ebay offers, should proceed as follows :

Data on iphone and ipad securely delete

7 steps so blur all traces on the apple devices when the new owner of the iphone/ipad on his computer connect and tried, which does not work previously stored data restore, on the device. Because thanks to the pass code, the data from unauthorized access is protected. Result: The restore function is activated, itunes deletes the code to decrypt the device and automatically plays a fresh operating system on all of the files are no longer available.