Toy Tips to Ride Along with Your Child

Create a new toy together with your child can be more fun than buy a ready! Besides being a moment together, teaches you to do a little fun in unexpected places.

Have you ever thought about doing a snake of corks? Start saving those that get the wines, when you have enough you can mount the new toy: first cut the corks in “slices” and leave an entire to be the head. Make a small hole in the middle of all the pieces to pass a string, as a string. Use a box cutter to make the details of the head.

A detergent over it could turn into a rocket! Don’t leave anything of waste inside and decorate, make Windows, draw the astronaut uses a cardboard to make the fudge.

Have you ever thought that a fresh shampoo and four PET bottle caps saw a car? Just preach the caps in the practical with a nail and use paper, pen and colored cellophane tape to decorate the stand.

With 24 PET bottle caps you can assemble a full tray of ladies! If there are no 12 of each color, just use two different inks and solve the problem. To make the Board you can paint a square wooden board.

Cardboard rolls (those of toilet paper and paper towel) can be decorated to become pets, like bees and ladybugs. Use pen and ink to decorate and cardboard to make the wings and ready: turned to toys!

Colourful little worms are easy to make! The main thing is to have boxes of eggs. Cut into rows and paint each “space” for egg of a different color. In the first, make a face.

You can turn stones into Domino! Know the pebbles? Use craft paint and turn every stone in a part of the game.

Another nice idea is to use the fabric softener as the body of a pet! Decorate the package as you wish, as with dots or spots. To make the face, use a material that holds, a harder paper, and draw the face of a cat, dog, whatever you prefer.