Trend: Women’s Faux Fur Vests

A real invasion of artificial fur vests, vests of skin (fur vest) are the must-have of the moment, but attention, of course, the “fake”, is artificial, these vests they arrived with all the wardrobe of Brazil. We don’t have low temperatures around here … but you can invest without fear in this play, in cooler days and, arguably, the artificial fur vests make the look super chic and glam, plus super warm and cozy.

The recent fashion shows have shown the vests of artificial skin as one of the main stakes of the designers, on the catwalks of Toronto and New York and even Milan, designers began to display fake fur on their parades, following the world trend in defense of outrageous killing of animals for this purpose, no abuse of animal cruelty to make women’s tops or whatever today the technology allows us to abuse the skin effect without having to sacrifice the animals. Anything the barbaric!

If you now is there gagging for it’s question of whether or not, just learn how to wear it, there’s not much secret, see below how to wear without making mistakes.

See how to create looks with artificial fur vests

Sleeveless jackets by super match shirts, sweaters, jeans, leggings, pants, skirts and dresses. For a bulky accessory, be careful to match!

To make your look even more chic and sophisticated, invest in boots and other shoes.

These faux fur vests are perfect both for autumn, winter and early spring, since it can be worn both with lighter clothes even with the heaviest and wintry.
Artificial leather jackets have fallen in such a way that can already be seen in major fashion shop windows, celebrities and even in the streets.