Trends in Office Lighting, Would You Look?

Modern office interior lighting.

Reflect the philosophy of the company and combine functionality with energy efficiency, are the essential premises to carry out successfully a project of office lighting. As specialists in this type of interior lighting projects, our study of lighting in Barcelona has developed ambitious projects at offices of different styles (you can read the post about How to illuminate offices with maximum functionality and energy efficiency). In the next article, we give you some practical ideas to illuminate such spaces and create a relaxed and productive work environments.

Get a calm atmosphere, where light is integrated perfectly with the space and furniture is key in office lighting, an area where our study has put special emphasis. Is trafficking in an environment where we spend the greater part of our day and where supposedly should flow our ideas and thoughts more productive, so the environment surrounding us must meet the optimum conditions for this. Thus, a transparent and clear lighting is essential.

Our path integrates lighting projects for law firms, consultants, office loft-like offices or industrial style and offices in emblematic buildings, such as the lighting project developed in the famous Barcelona building David, you developed in a previous post.

If as architect or interior designer you have in hands a lighting for an Office Project, first you must:

  • keep in mind if it is a space of new construction or an old estate. In the latter case, there may be elements that must be retained to maintain the essence of the space, which often makes it difficult to install and requires a plus of genius at distributed lighting systems.
  • It may be necessary, for example, to avoid breaking cornices or retain existing points of light, especially in modernist farms that are protected. In this type of offices ideally combine the functional with the decorative lighting, which will allow you to highlight architectural elements and get a set with strength and personality.
  • Antique floors converted into offices, should take into account that natural lighting tends to be less abundant. To remove the most decorative space, you can use the height of the ceilings for suspended luminaires with steel cables. For this type of office, we highlight the model Mini-beam, Flos, or model Quadra of technical lighting systems, a very versatile light in terms of measures, which can be adapted to each space or work module.
  • To illuminate the areas, such as hallways or halls, on old farms are used mostly wall sconces LED, with indirect lighting which bathe the wall, bearing in mind that they remain lighted during all working hours (can expand this information in the post about lighting of corridors and areas with wall sconces). In most modern spaces, choose ceiling lighting with fluorescent for direct or indirect lighting or recessed LED.
  • As a complement to general lighting, the ideal is that each firm has its table lamp to illuminate the work area in a personalized way. These luminaires must satisfy specific features that streamline and facilitate the concentration, for example, a minimum radiation of heat, low power consumption, and a steerable and steerable format. Elements that allow playing with design and integrate it into the space.
  • Both in offices and meeting rooms, use a decorative lighting, to dress up the space and impact customer. The floor lamps, screens and fabrics of recognised designers such as Ingo Maurer Wo Tum Bu, Flos Spoonlight model or model Marset Creek model are perfect. Three shocking visual aesthetic lighting to enhance the design of the room.
  • With respect to linear, lighting , you can play with various styles. For most modern offices, with low ceilings, you can go for fixtures that go directly to roof, with low thickness and LED technology, round or square, formats like model Vibia Up we show you at the beginning of this article. A good option is the adjustable luminaires, which allow to adjust the light level as the day progresses and save energy.

A trend on the rise for office lighting are large-format luminaires, contributing a design plus the space and at the same time avoid boring the entire roof, giving it style and architectural form. In this article (please click here:, we treat more thoroughly this type of lighting, whose use is becoming more widespread.

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