Trump Not Want to Detach from Your Android, According to New York Times

Donald Trump is already President of the United States and one of the issues that is more giving that talk is your continued presence on social networks. Although it seems to have lowered the tone slightly, Trump still tweeting on his personal Twitter account and, according to the New York Times, It does so from your old Mobile Android, one who supposedly had to deliver, also according to information from the average American acquaintance.

It is difficult to know if, indeed, Trump still using your “old and checked out Android’ since not seen by sending the Tweets to itself, in fact, for all we know, could it be managing some of his advisors. It is not confirmed what model smartphone is, refers to a Samsung Galaxy, and now there are tracks that are running that would be a Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Trump smartphone

As we said, there are currently no any confirmation about which device or devices are using Donald Trump in his new career as President. Is more, There is enough confusion on the matter.

Last Thursday, The New York Times said that Trump had to “change your Android mobile device secure and encrypted, approved by the secret service and with a new number that only a few people have”. However, yesterday, after several days of Trump at the White House, claimed just the opposite: that Trump was still keeping and using your old Android handset, in spite of the protests of some of his aides.

After several days in the White House, several sources say that Trump still retains and using your old Android terminal

It is possible that Trump is using his old mobile to send tweets to your personal account, but insist that it could be managing it any member of your team. Currently, the mobile phone or mobile usa Trump are a mystery, but at Android Central they have investigated some images and There is a chance that it is a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Of Trump mobile is has said little beyond that it is a Samsung Galaxy. If true, the device of the image above It would be a Samsung Galaxy S3 by the position of the flash and the headphone minijack. However, this photo is 2015, so that the President could have updated your device since then.

The image above shows another view of the smartphone of Trump, this time in February 2016 and, again, the position of the charging port and the microphone again point to the Samsung Galaxy S3. We are talking about a mobile 2012, whose last update arrived in 2015 and officially continues in 4.3 Android Jelly Bean.

For all we know, Trump could be using another more current device or with special security software, but of course, the possibility of have used a Galaxy S3 in 2015 and 2016 is striking as little.