Trump Will Use Android as Did Obama, But Certainly Not The Version and Model That You Want to

It may be Android mobile platform most widely used worldwide, but it is not the most appropriate for positions of great responsibility, and if not that is to say Trump. On the day of the inauguration, the new President of the United States has had to get rid of the smartphone which, until now, had been using a Samsung Galaxy, and from now on you will have to settle for a much more gelding encrypted device.

It was a concern during the campaign for the Presidency, and is that then-candidate was very accessible, responding to the calls of journalists and other politicians even though does not know the number, that not to mention his fluency when writing tweets. Although there is no specific details about the terminal that will be used (Obama used Blackberry and later a modified S4 Galaxy), what is clear is that Android in its “commercial” version, is not a strong enough system to the upper echelons.

Experts already warned him

The presence of Trump social networks was instrumental in his election campaign, but at the same time was a concern at the level of security. In November, The Telegraph published information about an analysis carried out on the activity of the now President in various networks which concluded that, although some of the tweets published by Trump came from an iPhone, its main device was an Android, specifically a Samsung Galaxy (model unknown).

The experts warned that the motive for Trump could easily be hacked and operated communications, including its location, access to the camera or microphone. It is a danger to which we are all exposed, but obviously the consequences would be much more severe when it comes from public office at this level.

Martin Alderson, co-founder of the Codified Security mobile security company, warned in November that “Trump will discover that there is no possibility to continue using your mobile phone in the same way that any other American citizen.” The number of critical vulnerabilities in Android, Stagefright, TowelRoot and QuadRooter demonstrate that use Android poses a high risk for someone in his position”.

Although Trump was reluctant to the idea of disposing of his personal smartphone at the prospect of being much more isolated from the world, it seems that finally has not been by choice that give his arm twisting.

It is not a problem for Android

It is true that Android is usually subject to malware and several vulnerabilities, but in this case other platforms are not spared. The problem is not the platform itself, the problem for a position of the level of the President of the United States is using a mobile Basic, unmodified.

Obama managed to keep his BlackBerry when he entered the White House in 2008, but had to follow a series of very strict rules. The device received a series of additional security measures, i.e., that It was not a normal BlackBerry, was a modified BlackBerry. In addition, he could only communicate with a very small circle, both by mail and via call.

In the middle of this year Obama confirmed that he had finally left his BlackBerry in favor of a more modern device, but was not an iPhone (the ex-President said long ago that they did not allow you to use iPhone for security reasons) if not a Samsung Galaxy S4, but again was a limited device. Very limited.

Former President quipped Jimmy Fallon program that its new mobile could not do photos, not allowed to send messages or play music, could not even make calls. In this sense, It seems that no platform is secure enough for the President of the United States.

Currently there are no details about the device that Donald Trump has received to become President, but is probably a terminal based on the Obama-like Android. Some of the safest terminals as the Silent Blackphone Circle are based on Android, although they have little of the platform as we know it.

That Yes, Obama was in possession of one of the few devices with access to the official Twitter of the President (@POTUS) account, something that surely will like the new President. However, according to AP, “Obama rarely clicked ‘Tweet’ himself and never before have been coordinated with his team”. It seems that Trump will have enough obstacles to maintain its activity on social networks.