Turntable Linn Sondek LP 12 SE + Radical + EKOS SE

The recent upgrade for the Linn LP12, the name is program: A new drive gives the player unprecedented qualities.

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After more than 30 years of upgrade history, according stages with such melodious names you think like Nirvana, Valhalla, Cirkus, lingo and keel, could, the Linn LP12 is finally exhausted. You will have to get accustomed but that nobody, not even Linn himself, knows where the true limit of this player and record playback itself is.

For reached would have you can keep this limit already in 1994, as the precision oscillator Lingo perfected the synchronism and the smooth running of the player and a giant dose injected energy, clarity and dynamic range the Scots played until then always full-bodied punchy, but also somewhat imprecise. That the player 13 years later by the “keel” sub chassis milled from solid (AUDIO 7/07) again a set of equally significant forward would make would be at that time nobody dreamed. Nevertheless they felt, really the grand finale to have heard the end of the Groove, after which it can go while blithely in the district, but that no further forward in the keel again.

New motor and optical speed sensors are mounted with just a few hand movements, to the stainless steel cover plate nothing needs to be changed.

But there still a track. More precisely, It followed by two. Almost two years after its keel laying receives the this time probably really final LP12 its own, entirely new motor power supply combination called radical, supplemented by the uncompromising phono preamp Urika, which therefore should be seen as part of the player’s, because he is built into this. The drive is also separately can be retrofitted, the MC-Phonoteil, however, is dependent on the radical. The radicalization of the LP12 3300 euros; the Urika (no Baltic’s maiden name, but the phonetically equivalent Linn spelling for “Eureka”) in the set for Euro 2000. Who is still not ruinous enough, buys the radical not in the standard Linngehäuse, but in the milled, then on the finest surface-treated “climax”-cold shown in the left image.

The luxury housing brings to 2600 euro extra charge nothing but brilliant optics, fantastic grab quality and possibly engineering with a civilian, completely hedonistic and by the way culture-enabling Mission machine a few hours long the good conscience, Linn – sister company, Castle Precision to have held of her work for the defense industry. Linn is athletic enough to seal the climax radical no performance advantages over the sheet version. If you buy it, buy it plain, and from the conviction because he can – afford it that the clever, mature in years of development time circuit deserves nothing less than this dwelling.

Old fans of the Scottish player must still fundamental rethink with the radical upgrade: the synchronous motor, from the first day an elementary part of the Linn doctrine, has fallen into disfavor and is replaced by a DC motor. Because the rotational speed of a DC engine, other than in the AC-synchronous peers, depends on both the operating voltage and the applied load, the radical power supply has a regulation that directly measures the pace of plate for the first time in the history of the Linn. The biggest challenge in the development was to create this regulation so that the drift effects feared by other DC designs disappear as well as the anxiety generated by tight control loops. The Scots this target have achieved among other things by a precision clock that comes directly from the network player Klimax DS – digital high end engages the analog group under the arms here.

The tonal effects of the radical are amazing, and you would be wise to listen a few minutes after first starting of the engine not too carefully. A new radical takes this time to calibrate. Then you have an LP12 is which rhythmic accuracy, fine dynamic movement and consistent, independent of musical material and level detail – in a completely new light makes the classic virtues of the drive -: the background even darker, the musical contrasts sharpened, without dazzling. Fine details such as so important to the rhythm and sense of tempo sounding out the notes are dramatically better wahrnehm – and with traceable. In direct comparison of new Sondek despite the greater accuracy sounds also graceful and lithe, felt like someone had replaced the (unmodified) neoprene belt with a magical Elf hair band.

You can forget, if that was it, difficult to get it all. The effect of the installation Phonoteil Urika is even more dramatic. To the excellent Linto (3/03) significantly refined, extremely low-noise dual mono structure and the extreme proximity to the tone arm (which saves one and a half metre cable route the microvolts weak MC signals) make it one of best phono Preamps at all – only for LP12 radical owner, why AUDIO without a universal classification. The actual players, in full regalia with keel sub-chassis, EKOS SE tonearm and of course the awesome radical drive, can, however, nowhere else to go as completely to the top of all turntables tested in AUDIO.

Linn Sondek LP 12 SE + radical + EKOS SE

Manufacturer Linn
Price €16400.00
Rating 125.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions: B: 44.0 x H: T: 16.0 x 34.5 cm
Weight: 11.4 kg
Color Black, cherry, maple, rose nut
Speeds 33 1 / 3, 45 rpm
Construction Sub chassis + shock absorbing feet
Height-adjustable feet
Speed conversion electronic
Tone arm height adjustment
Speed regulator
Pitchregulierung w during playback
Drive Flat belts
Shut-off No
Measured values
Speed deviation 0.06%
Tracking rated 0,052
Measuring record 74 dB
Rumble noise coupler 85 dB
Power consumption standby 5.5 W
DC motor and new PSU thanks turntables classics, unmatched smoothness.
Sound outstanding (125 points)
Sound judgment well over 125
tested in issue: 6 / 09