Twitter Hires Staff to Help Famous Not to Make Stupid

The Twitter won another official this week. Omid Ashtari came to the company after a pass by Creative Artists Agency, an agency that advice the most important rich and famous of the United States. And it is precisely this niche that the subject will work from now on network microblog, which increasingly is moving to become a social network.

We do not know what are the functions of Omid, who was hired as head of the Entertainment Business Development department. The statement of Twitter says about the new hire:

Omid ashtari will lead efforts to provide assistance to the entertainment industry, including actors, musicians and athletes to make sure they are getting the best out of your use of twitter.

All very nice, but what does that mean? Bet my: that the subject will monitor what big celebrities do in order to give advice to not commit gaffes or nonsense using Twitter. Everyone knows that the image of an artist can be easily shaken by any action, which is enhanced with the microblog.

Of course Omid is not the first to make money advising people on Twitter. Several singers and actors currently have secretaries who keep the profile updated. Here in Brazil is celebrated case of the entrepreneur Eike Batista, who hired #EquipedoEike (if I’m not mistaken the tag is that) to make new updates.

If you are a great artist, be aware that at sign: @oashtari. Soon you can get some of them replies.