Twitter Implements Display of Followers and Followed in Common [Updated]

If you’ve been using the site Twitter in the last hours, probably part of those Internet users who saw a new implementation in user profiles. At least for now, a person who accesses the page from another bushel can discover common followers.

In the screenshot above, for example, the text below the information that says I follow our site Twitter lists several users who follow the TB and that are followed by me. For example, the @rafaqueque follows the TB and also follow me on site.

That is, I have to know that both the our site and I are followed by dozens of people, being characterized as followers in common of the two accounts.

Just have not figured out what is the real utility of this new feature. It seems to me it’s just another perforate that Twitter implemented to be able to say that it has the ability to display these data.

Upgrade to 20h53 | In addition to this feature, readers TB reported the appearance of a new box was included in the sidebar of Twitter to show what common users are followed by you and the person whose page you are visiting.

For example, to enter the @missmoura page, I find that there are at least six people and I followed it in common.