Twitter Testing Feature to Show Only Tweets “Favorite People”

The efforts of Twitter to stay relevant have been doing the company to test several new features in recent months and one of the current should appeal in full to heavy users of social network: a new tab that displays only tweets of people defined as favorites.

You can understand the idea as a more useful version and traditional practice, but little used lists. Under the name Fave People, the new feature already appears as a tab in the alpha version of the Twitter app for Android (which seems to be the preferred platform company for testing) and, apparently, the web interface of a few users.

The operation is very simple: all the user needs to do is click on the icon with star symbol to mark followed people who should appear in the favorites. Then when accessing the Fave People tab, only the tweets marked profiles are displayed. To view the messages of all the people followed, just go back to the Home tab.

For those who do not want to miss a tweet even people “Faved”, you can activate the account settings the option to receive notifications every time a new message is posted by someone from the list.

Still another advantage with the new functionality, showing the tab row is divided into two persons. As you might have assumed, a show only the list of favorites, while the other displays all profiles.

Interesting, right? But when the feature will be released for all users? Unfortunately, Twitter did not give any forecast. Depending on the test results, it is even possible that the company give up the idea before releasing it. Hopefully not the case.

If you make sure to test the Fave People now, the easiest way is official: try to enter the Twitter for Android Alpha Program. Only members of this group have direct access to the alpha version of Twitter for Android.