Two-Way IMAP on BlackBerry?

We have the latest two devices we have tested in the image: the BlackBerry 9700 and the Nokia E72, Brown two “beasts” in terms of the handling of mail.

Each reader will decide your choice but objectively BlackBerry If we are talking about private individuals have did? two disadvantages against devices like the E72 or the reviled Windows Mobile. On the one hand the inability for customers BIS have Exchange and IMAP accounts in the same device. And on the other hand that changes made to other devices not transmitting to the BlackBerry.

We explain: If we delete or mark as read email in the BlackBerry It will be shown as deleted or read on your computer or other smartphone. On the other hand if we delete or mark as read on the computer, the changes do not propagate in the BlackBerry.

So today we have witches or someone has decided to give us a gift. I mention my experience, I have not found anything anywhere, we are one BlackBerry 8900 on Vodafone with an IMAP account and another gmail. We have observed that the post deleted elsewhere “disappear” the BlackBerry, instead read markings remain unread in the BB. Well it seems a breakthrough. It is not immediate, it brings you more or less thirty minutes in my experiment today.

Has someone observed the same thing in the own Vodafone or other operators?