Ultrabook Sony Vaio Sv-t1312v1es In The Test

Tempo check 

In the Sony VAIO SV T1312V1ES works of Intel dual-core processor core i5-3317U 1.7 gigahertz (GHz) standard frequency. If necessary the chip automatically increased the pace to up to 2.6 GHz; Office applications too him. Photos and videos can quickly edit thanks to four gigabytes of expandable memory. Fürs reading is not enough (graphic) performance: Intel’s HD graphics 4000 creates an average of only ten frames per second in DirectX 11 gaming.

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Notebook with touchscreen in the test

8 devices the test candidates in detail picture and sound quality
represents the 13.3-inch display with touch-sensitive interface 1366 x 768 pixels: It has with 118.7 dpi (pixels per inch) a pretty high pixel density. The image quality the contrast that is not optimal in the visual test is very high. The same applies digital (via HDMI) and analog (via VGA) of image signal transmission, approximately on a television. Side looking at the ultrabook display darkens strongly. The screen reflects significantly under the open sky. Sound quality to the sound output, there are no complaints.

Equipment and battery power

No important standard is missing the sony VAIO SV T1312V1ES: Offers wi-fi, bluetooth it a memory card reader, and a 128 GB SSD storage depending on USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connector (USB-tempo is neat). The latter has less than 98 GB free storage software, documents & co. That’s something little. The keyboard and the mouse replacement are 1A. Too bad: The touch screen bounces something if you use windows 8 per finger. On the move, the sony ultrabook keeps mediocre 4:21 hours (work); unfortunately need the device almost as long, until the battery recharged is.

The great windows 8 test

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0.4 sone when playing videos and up to 1.8 sone in games are good values; the SV-T1312V1ES VAIO remains generally calm. Also retains a relatively cool head the 1.6 kilograms heavy ultrabook in the operation with around 42 degrees celsius. COMPUTER image a low 14 watt power consumption measured during the application operation.

Conclusion: Sony VAIO SV-T1312V1ES

Looking for any game machine, gets a quick touch ultrabook for office applications, video and photo editing with the sony VAIO SV T1312V1ES. The built-in SSD memory ensures that windows and software ruck, no time start; it is not suitable for large amounts of data due to lack of memory reserves. There are also deductions for the display: It reflects strong and rebound something if you control the device via finger.

Test conclusion: You need to know that

The sony VAIO SV T1312V1ES offers great value for the money. The SSD memory is somewhat scarce with around 98 gigabytes, but equipped with fast processor, wi-fi, bluetooth and memory card reader is largely complete. The screen quickly enters the swaying on the bumpy bus rides and stronger finger tips. For this, sony touch screen can be very fast work with the, he accurately translates finger tips. Per order this product at amazon good facilities of more accurate touch screen high pace of work counter display fixing unstable for games only conditionally suitable headphone output voltage is too high test note of the editorial 2.48 good users rating now write a

Alternative: Samsung 540U3C-A01

Faster with better display and battery: The samsung 540U3C-A01 in the COMPUTER image test convinced with its sturdy aluminum casing. For this it is 200 euros more expensive than the sony ultrabook according to manufacturer’s instructions.