Universal Remote Controls

Control everything with one remote

Between a basic model replacement and other sophisticated intended to control all equipment in the room, the price of a remote control from 10 to 200 euros. Between these extremes, intermediate, very well made, can be used in both situations.

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Since its invention in the late 1950s, the remote control has spread at the speed of light. From toys to the garage door, the car door lifting appliances, many sectors are seized. Among them, the audio-video equipment arrives in pole position. TV , DVD player , VCR, stereo , TNT … No one escapes the rule. Accordingly, the remote control has infiltrated almost every home. Nearly one in two are five, and more than four in five have two remote control toyes according to research firm behealthybytomorrow. This abundance has created a new market: replacement remotes. Some are meant to change a broken remote control, or lost. Others are “multifunctional”: they can control all devices in the living room. The price range is from 10 to 200 euros.

The basic remote controls (10 to 30 euros) can replace between 2 and 5 devices, the most advanced (150 to 200 euros) are capable of controlling up to twenty. In between, intermediate models (50 to 70 euros) can drive 5 to 10 devices. Compared to basics, simplicity, both in the configuration of use, also invited to choose as part of a replacement.

The higher the range, the more remotes feature design and neat finishes. The first price models are often made with average quality plastics, and more often display a gadget side, even rude. The comfort of the keys is affected. The touch screen found on high-end multi-function is very useful for manipulation since many devices are configured. Because they are energy efficient, manufacturers have opted for these models, for rechargeable batteries. As a mobile phone , an indicator alert the reserve level. Intermediate and basic models work with two, three or four AAA batteries (not always delivered with the device …). As they consume less energy, the renewal rate is acceptable.

Time For Setup

Before you can use the remote control, it is necessary to configure it. On this chapter, and whatever the category of remote control, you have to be patient. For if the basic functions (on / off, volume, channel change, etc.) are easily retrieved, configure, by sometimes laborious methods, further functions (channel switching, recording a program, etc. .) may take up to several hours. Our test multifunction remote controls shows that some manufacturers are doing much better than others. Logitech, which has developed a method of assisted configuration on the Internet, largely apart from its competitors.

Per Aircraft Per Activity

Intermediate remote controls and premium offer by piloting activity, in addition to traditional management by unit. Understand is that you simply press a button “watch TV” that are turned on the television, the box of your Internet service provider (if you are a customer of ADSL television) and the amplifier that eventually directs the sound from the speakers. Same to watch a DVD or listen to music: all the equipment involved will be turned on.

Avoid Basic

Without completely rule whether to replace a single remote control or if the budget is reduced, the basic models are rather disappointing. Laboring to configure (it usually come one after the other codes until you find one that matches their device), they usually do not allow access to all device functions. Less comfortable, less well finished, they are also less pleasant in daily use .With 20-30 extra euros, you reach intermediate remotes more ergonomic, which in addition can control multiple devices.