Upgrade to 7.1 Android Nougat Continues on Its Way… and Reach The Lumia 520 Nokia

Android Nougat is beginning to reach some of the most advanced androids on the scene, but, for a change, the process is being as slow. Android 7.0 is only 0,4% of devices and Android 7.1 version still not appears in the distribution data, but already has added a new device to the list, and that one we did not expect at all.

Already know that the development community makes impossible things get by track official, as for example carry the Nexus 4 Nougat, but It is not so common is that Android is installed on a computer from another platform. This is just what has managed the developer Nguyen Thinh, and Lucky was the Lumia 520 Nokia.

If you want to, you can

Just yesterday we talked about that Lenovo has begun the process of updating in the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus, becoming the first range media to receive their ration of Nougat, but for now has not reached all over the world.

The issue of updates is not precisely a strength of Android and, although it is not the first time we see something, it is striking that we achieve ‘hacks’ like this.

There is still some time until we see the first Nokia with Android, but while we wait in the video we can see the Nokia Lumia 520 7.1 Android installed Nougat, and highlights the fluid performance. It even has the option of multitasking to split-screen, which would.

It should be recalled that the Lumia 520 Nokia launched in 2013 (let’s see what 2013 Android Gets update to Nougat officially) and was updated to Windows Phone 8.1, but it never received 10 Windows, so it is a rather outdated terminal.

Do not expect that the developer responsible for this feat launch a solution so that any user can install it on your old Lumia 520, but is a clear proof that If you want to, you can.