Using Natural Makeup Step by Step and Products

With cradle and fully national production, Natura makeup is one of sale marks on the door and door most beloved Brazil. This is because product quality is indisputable. All products are natural formulation, are dermatologically tested and the prices are inviting. There is much the brand is no longer just one more to become preferred a good part of the people. And impresses with quality and low price.

Natura Makeup Products


Lipstick – the largest color palette is in line Natura Una, with 12 fixed and colors present in all campaigns and some extras according to the dates of the year and any promotions. The brand also produces gloss and liquid lipstick. Una Natura collection brings more cheerful colors and also the fixed chart of the brand.

Duo, trio or quartet shadow – come in special packaging, Natura sells shadow powder with applicator or not, sober and metallized to form the best look party.

Eyeliner – if you enjoy just one type of eyeliner, perhaps here find their range in the brand, which offers style in pencil, retractable and liquid. There is also the double colored eyeliner, who turns shadow also for those who prefer the dual make with the same color and mouth eyeliner, to score the contour of the lips.

Mascara – who does not love, does not it? Let the marked eyes and can only fix the lashes if colorless mascara. There are still colorful.

Brushes for makeup – all made ​​of natural hair, so they are durable. Just wash with a common shampoo or specific products and allow the sun to talk to the product.

Removers scarves makeup – for those who are allergic to other make-up items to love the convenience of having something always bag to remove the makeup smudged, the scarves are your best option and very account values. They are also allergy.

Compact – all makeup worth its salt needs to leave the powder make up uniform, is not it? All Natura lines have varied shades of powder, respecting the variations in skin tone of Brazilian women.

Necessaire – some campaigns bring pouch for makeup with the brand name for free. In others, you need to buy, but not the most expensive items of the brand.


The brand has the advantage of being in the list of cheap. Lipsticks range from R $ 24 to R $ 40 and other items vary according to the collection and product attributes, like any other competitor. The most expensive products are the foundation for the face, compact and finishers, going from R $ 40 to R $ 70. All with protection factor 15, helping the skin to protect from the sun too.

Natura maintains its proposal from the beginning: to have independent sellers throughout Brazil, so she has no shops and even sites that sell the product, at least not the brand itself. But its resellers can sell items online without any problem. The public how to sell the brand’s products is through product catalog, always sold with its registered sellers and home delivery.

More Products

Some brand products sell much more than your makeup, and some interesting for its differential formulas:

  • Natura Chronos line– all focused care with older skin, since over 40 years. The products are boosted protein and collagen special formulation to the skin with age signals.
  • Natura Ekos line– here care is with the day to day, with natural makeup and scents of nature. There are perfumes, soaps, moisturizers and body oils, all facing constant hydration and protection of dry, lifeless and leaving a pleasant aroma.
  • Line Vo Vo– skin care in old age is important, and in different ways. The tag knows it, so released products grannies and grandmas with different packing and collagen as a base, and proteins and moisturizing substances which specifically care of skin with more than 50 years, preventing dry skin, lifeless and stains.
  • Natura Higéia– line of skin care with intimate soap, wet wipe, soap for hands and other items well into the price.