Valeria Nicali Presents Chaguar

To this brand already knew it, but today we see it more in depth. Some time ago I approached Expo present at La Rural, met the new collection of the brand, called Chaguar and is armed with the collaboration of native communities.

“Valeria Nicali, presents Chaguar, his spring/summer 2016 collection created in conjunction with a Wichí community in the province of Chaco and Formosa.

The collection consists of three lines. Resistant fiber the Wichi used chaguar, in honor of the plant that bears his name and which is located in the semi-arid chaco from the provinces of Salta, Formosa, Chaco of Argentina and whose to make household items such as bags, ponchos, clothes, nets, ropes and for their subsistence activities. Chaguar prints illustrate the plant with fleshy and prickly leaves in different color palettes, ranging from corals to the turquoise. Purses, wallets, shoes and pots, are some of the products that make up the line.

Furthermore, the tissue line is inspired by the tradition of the art of weaving women wichi. Matriarchal community, in which the collection and work activity is in charge of them, who are responsible for search chaguar in del monte, cut it and weave it. Their prints illustrate the patterns of tissue with the composition of the fibres in purses and shoes, among other products.

Last Fusionline that integrates Valeria Nicali classics with the artisan wichis tissues. Briefcases,necessaires and sandals, are some of the products that make up this line preferences joining both worlds and that is repeated throughout the collections proposed brand.”

More than ten years ago that Valeria Nicali is on the market and since then always devoted himself to tell stories and create links through their collections. Chapeau!

You can find the products in your shop online or at your local of the 409 calle Juan Ramírez de Velazco, CABA, Buenos Aires.