Vango Ultralite 600 Sleeping Bag

Winter already slowly and begin to think of the bearings and camping in the mountains during the spring-summer season. For this purpose, it is important to have a quality sleeping bag that will allow us to be comfortable and warm while sleeping outside. So we have prepared a brief review of one of Modellers of the series Vango Ultralite, namely Vango Ultralite 600.

As size sleeping bag Vango Ultralite 600 is 20 cm by 17 cm in diameter compressed state, which is a good indicator of synthetic trisezonen heard. As weight is 1.25 kg, which is also a good indicator. Bag of sleeping bag is complete with compression straps, allowing easily reduce its size by simply pull the straps to fasten it. So it becomes ideal for carrying in a backpack .

The shape of the sleeping bag is mummy and allows easy adjustment of the internal temperature – it will not is neither too cold nor too warm. An important addition to the bag’s cord, which tightened his hood. So if you feel that you are cold, pulling the cord and tighten the hood will insulate better body from the environment and warm up faster. Thanks to the stoppers, these links quickly and easily adjusted.

Another useful thing is the zipper that covers the entire length of the sleeping bag. It is very convenient if you want to connect two sacks. You just have to take one to the left, the other right-zipper and so can sleep two with your spouse in a double sleeping bag. On the inside of the bag has a pocket that can hold money, documents and other items that you want to be near you, because you simply do not trust the person who sleeps next to you. The dimensions of the unfolded sleeping bag is 215 cm long and 80 cm wide. This gives enough space man sleeping in it feels comfortable.

A very important thing for any sleeping bag – temperature rating in this model is very good for trisezonen heard. The comfortable temperature ranges from 0 °C to +5 °C, and extreme drops down to -15 °C. This means that if you accidentally weather in the mountains deteriorate and the temperature drops dramatically at night, you will be warm. Such changes are common in the mountains and this temperature range provides comfort and security of sleeping in the bag.