Vertu Constellation: Titan-Smartphone For 4,900 Euros

The luxury Smartphone shines above all with high-quality materials. Lower upper class is the technology with HD display and dual-core processor, LTE is not on board.

The manufacturer “Vertu” probably is not you a term. No is not an another manufacturer of cheap China-Smartphonesthat sprout straight out of the ground, or at least increasingly dabble in the European market -, Vertu has specialized in the manufacture of Luxury phones.

Concierge service is compliant?

Vertu was once a subsidiary of Nokiauntil a Swedish financial investor bought the company, has its headquarters in the British Hampshire. 2002, they released the first mobile called “Signature” on the market. Their first Android Smartphone was released in February, this year the Vertu TI. Vertu has boutiques in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

All Vertu devices together is the use of luxurious materials such as Sapphire glass, the manufacture in hand work and the provision of special “concierge” services such as booking flights, hotels etc.

Noble and robust

The same applies to the latest flagship, the Vertu constellation. The Smartphone has a titanium case and the display is protected by sapphire glass. Titanium is lightweight and very durable material, the Sapphire Crystal is able to withstand a 200 gram heavy metal ball, when she falls from a height of one meter on the Smartphone.

The back is made of genuine calf leather, as colors Orange, raspberry, cappuccino, mocha and black are available. The special v-shaped design is also typical for Vertu devices.

High end of 2012

With regard to the specs of the constellation, they remind of smartphones last year. So the 4.3 inch screen with 1,280 x 720 pixels, resolves regarding ppi a pixel density of 341,5. Under the hood,Dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon type works a 1.7 GHz S4. The internal memory has a capacity of 32 GB and can not be extended externally.

Other features include a 13-megapixel -camera with 1080 p video and LED Flash, Android 4.2, an 1,850 mAh battery for 14h talk time (according to manufacturer), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. On the high speed Internet standard LTE will, however, be dispensed with.

Royal ringtones

Also it has worldwide unlimited Wi-Fi access, encrypted VoIP service and Kaspersky Anti-virus on board with the constellation. The ringtones were recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, by the way. And it is there for just 4,900 Eur0. Who needs it (and who) …der can the Vertu constellation from buy.

Here is still a promo video that the manufacturing process of the good piece shows (uploaded ):