Vintage Beach Hairstyles

Dear wall mane or practically high draped hair? Whatever you this season prefer look what summer or beach hairstyles, there are three easy hair tricks that you get stylish through the summer!

Pretty summer and beach hairstyles

The high bun as a practical beach hairstyle

We begin with a classic. A Chignon loosely bind high manages every woman and in the nu annoying streaks out of the way, not the complete hair gets wet even when swimming. But neater and more voluminous is the bun, if you are using a Dutt pillow. The pillow, called also “donut”, see out how too thick ponytail equipment and are available in light and dark colors, making it visually completely disappear.

Vintage Beach Hairstyles


This technique is suitable if your hair is longer than shoulder length. First, you bind a high ponytail that’s as tight and smooth. Later the Chignon is sitting here. Then you take your hair ends through the opening of the Donuts, Wolf around once the tips to the donut and then again put it in the middle of the donuts. You can now begin rolling up: turn up the donut of just always towards the head, your hair then wrap by alone trappings and the donut stops automatically. Some reworking is only necessary, individual strands to drape and bloopers to compensate.


If your hair is shorter and this rolling up doesn’t work out, you can put also the entire ponytail through the cushion of bun. The onlookers out ends of the hair are drawn directly on the head around to the doughnut and fixed with a second hair rubber band or hair clips. Your hair length have to do so only for a single ‘turn’ to the doughnut. So you’ve created a nice summer and beach hairstyle.

Popular beach hairstyles: beachwaves with noble hat

Open hair with natural Beachwaves are absolutely. If you are with open hair at the beach, a protective spray for hair can protect you from dry top and faded lengths. Matching, a Sun hat with wide brim is great. In addition, he protects your hair and saves you from nasty sunburn on the scalp. Sportier version of the look pleasing? Then grab ‘ instead of the hat just to retro snapbacks, pretty like retro baseball caps.

If open hair bother you too much in the summer, also a side, deeply tied ponytail looks casual to any headgear.

Sweet and sophisticated updo

For this, you divide your hair two same half middle and bind together on the middle to ponytails.Then, you can either make the two halves or turn. Finally they are in worm form now turned up and secured with Bobby pins – a summer and at the same time airy hairstyle is ready!

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