Vintage Culture Hits Pointers for World Tour

It seems that Vintage Culture will continue on the crest of the wave in 2015. We are still going through the month of May and the guy already collects presentations at major festivals, releases in important industry seals and now gets the last preparations for another world tour with the stuffed case Of Brazilian sound.

This time, Lukas Ruiz landed on the old continent for a marathon of dates.They will be gigis in Greece, Belgium, Spain and Ireland, as well as Egypt, Turkey and Dubai.The saga rolls next month, June 8-22, starting in Cairo, land of the great pyramids.And the prodigious boy already seems accustomed to life on the road:

“In 2014 I went through ten countries or more.There were four tours in total.But there is no way, when it gets closer, that cold in the belly appears.That’s right, you get out of your comfort zone, but in the end it’s all right. “Comments the DJ / Producer.

To face the tour and captivate the audience gringo, Vintage bet on presentations with energy and lots of green and yellow music according to

“I’m taking a lot of authorial and sound from other Brazilian artists as well.My goal is to make a happy set.I play like that, so the track ends up following me and getting happy too.”, He adds.

The producer is actually connected on the 220v.Still before the trip, Lukas and his team travel through New York, United States, to record their new clip, Slowing Down.

“The last clip we recorded, for the track ‘Eyes’, rocked horrors and it was just a joke!This next one will be serious thing.”, Bets the DJ humorously.

Well, the wind usually blows in favor of those who have talent.And all this highlight, conquered through excellent positions at Beatport, earned heavy invitations.Just this year, Vintage Culture performed at Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland Brazil and will still be playing Rock in Rio, when it plays on September 24th.And hey, we’re only in the first semester.

“There’s a lot going on in 2015. Lots of new track to roll, new clips and other tours.”And we go with everything!