Vintage Halloween Costume Horror Doll

Creepy dolls have been tradition in horror films, so a proper horror doll is a perfect costume for Halloween.

There is ample scope for more baby doll possessed by the evil alongside the legendary killer doll Chucky from the eponymous film series.

Also clothes for dolls vintage fit very well, if you like something, is so clear advantage in putting together the outfits.

Make-up creepy doll

Very bright choose Primer for a porcelain complexion. Matting with powder.

Make-up rouge pink with pink Apple cheeks.

Draw freckles with black eyeliner.

Thin eyebrows with a dark eyebrow pencil drawing. Your own eyebrows if necessary, some cover.

Paint small, round mouth of dolls with rosy lip pencil. This includes very full draw over the lip contour.

Mouth cut and paint over with concealer. Paint with Matt, rosy lipstick.

Doll eyes

The eyes are the most important, they must be painted as large as possible:

Use therefore white eye liner or better yet white eyeliner in the lower eyelid and much about your own lashes out paint.

With false eyelashes from, glue a new lash down. You can take easily false eyelashes for above and turn around to buy no extra lashes for down!

White eye shadow up to the eyebrows, brown eye shadow in the crease. Above emphasize eyes with eyeliner. Also above false eyelashes glue.

Spalling scary doll

Of course, a creepy Doll has a few cracks in the porcelain. You use these cosmetics with theater makeup and face paint.

To draw black lines and this is with white highlight. I did the free hand with a brush, who is insecure, Tinker is also a template or practice first on paper.

I have deepened the color from the ‘paintbrushes’ with black and white eyeliner.

Creepy doll hair

Best braided or open braids is suitable for your hair.

The hairstyle should look as childish and cute. Long hair and curly hair should be already.

Braids as well as in my wig with Ribbon or sweet Ribbon tie. Braces for children are also good.

Costume horror doll

A country house dress or dress is ideal as a costume. They are usually just right with tip and the like.

Because something is not necessarily in vogue right now, you can get costumes dresses between €1 and €15 on ebay or at a flea market.

Buy logically rather bright colors, if you want to work with fake blood.

By the way traditional Dirndl, are also nice so over knee-length blouses without cleavage.

Lace ankle socks, ankle strap shoes and a belt with loops complete the doll look.

The knife has borrowed my creepy Doll by Horror