Vodafone Also Launches Prepaid Rate with 0 National Cents and 1 Centime International

Continuing the wave of improvements in rates prepaid, another aspect that traditional operators are strengthening to the OMVs as Happy mobile alternatives, Digimobil or Lebara mainly targeting immigrants who want cheap calls to their countries is the claim of international calls from 1 centime min also coming to Vodafone on 2 may.

After the similar speaks international Movistar or Telstra VoIP bonds, Vodafone has chosen to match the Orange World card allowing talk from 1 cent the minute on international calls (more 25 cents of establishment) to 60 countries and if you recharge a minimum of 5 euros, for 7 days also able to speak by 0 cents per minute on domestic calls (more 15 cents of establishment and maximum 250 minutes per week) and even to charge shall apply 6 cents/minute)more 25 cents of establishment) to any Spanish destination. The messages will always have a cost of 15 cents/SMS.

You can activate the Vodafone international rate both if you are a customer of card as if you’re new marking the stream on your mobile * 313 # and call button and as a launch promotion, during may enjoy all national calls to 0 cents / min but do not make any recharge.

Among the international call destinations by 1 cent the minute we find fixed from Germany, Argentina, China, Denmark, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Switzerland and Venezuela; by 2 cents Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Hong Kong, Greece, Morocco, Norway and Singapore; and between other major countries You can save also calling other Asian, European and South American destinations that you can check in this link from day 2.

With Vodafone international you can also browse

If you want to navigate from your smartphone with the new Vodafone international, in addition to the rate by default, optionally can hire a bonus of 150 MB monthly for 4 euros that not allows the use of VoIP and in case of exhausting it you can hire a new bond or pay the daily fee of 1.50 euros.

Whenever you purchase a bonus data, will renew the valid for 30 days and if you still had not consumed the previous bonus MB, they accumulate until they stop hiring bonus or the agotes completely. To hire him only have to check 31322 # and call key already that the bonus not be autorenueva even if you have sufficient balance.