Vodafone and Its Employees Reached an Agreement on ERE Raised It Will Finally Affect 900 Employees

After a month of negotiations and various rumors about the ERE raised Vodafone because the intended to reduce its workforce by 25% due to findings that comes lately already can speak of agreement between operator and workers, with fewer casualties of listing them in principle and agree to indemnify those who leave their jobs.

The initial approach of the company contemplated something more than 1000 dismissals but following negotiations with representatives of the workers Finally will be 620 laid-off workers, that it be charged compensation of 45 days per year worked until February 12, 2012 and 33 days to date, with a limit of 24 months. Equally those dismissed over 55 years of age may benefit from early retirement.

In addition to the dismissals, Vodafone also It externalizará the other 130 employees jobs, ensure that the maintenance of its current conditions over the next two years. All this will also join the change of conditions of other 150 employees “in order to provide a better response to the needs of customers and having an organizational structure more agile.”

Between layoffs, outsourcing and changes of modifications the agreement directly affects 900 employees Although the company will also withdraw tickets restaurant executives and media intermediate while variable from the rest of employees will fall between 6% and 15%, the intensive day of summer will be reduced from the current three months of summer August and lactation will rise from 13 to 26 days. changes that will be reflected in the next collective agreement, which will ensure employment for a year and another further according to the financial results of the company.

ERE is encompassed in the strategy of Vodafone to reduce your expenses, After removing the subsidy of terminals, reduce their income by a services a 11.3% in the last quarter of 2012 over the same period of 2011 or after losing nearly two million customers in a year.