Vodafone: Digital Society Accuses The Provider Customer Deception

Internet telephony undesirable
Mobile internet on smartphones and tablets offers more possibilities: Thanks to faster internet connections, you can make calls via skype or send whatsapp messages. Many smartphones allow so-called tethering: It accesses a second device (such as a laptop) on the internet connection of your smartphone. However, some providers, wrongly, prohibit the use of such services as the digital society is. The club has campaigned against the terms of vodafone launched.

Digital society: Vodafone deceives customers in mobile data traffic

Net neutrality

As half power of association referred to the restrictions. A wireless service provider should not decide which data are more important than others: Customers get there no real internet, but an inferior access, says markus beckedahl, the chairman of digital society. According to the club, vodafone deceive its customers. Via a website, you can think about the provider to get rid of.

Tariff diversity

Vodafone has responded on his blog on the allegations. There is also other providers process there that the campaign in the industry be addressed finally according to this practice. Vodafone asserts that allow most of the tariffs of internet telephony, instant messaging and P2P at no extra charge. The restrictions in cheaper tariffs are designed especially for users who have no high demands on their mobile internet connection.

The 10 cheapest rates for mobile surfers

10 surfing tariffs now find cheap fare restriction of the data volume

Are much more transparent tariffs that restrict only the data volume. You’re not much on the internet, often range rates with 100 to 200 megabytes of data volume. Frequent surfers better access to one gigabyte of free volume, and more. You have exceeded the limit, the connection typically on a slower speed is throttled. By so limiting, you pay only as much data volume as you may need but all the advantages of internet use.